Marriott Assistant Human Resources
Courtesy of Kim G.

Name: Mik G.
Position: Assistant Human Resources Manager
Hotel: Marriott Manila and Sheraton Manila
Dream destination: My wife and I have a travel goal and that is to visit all Disneyland Parks in the world. Our dream destination is Disneyland Paris!
Drink or treat of choice: Iced pure matcha latte

Some people fall in love with hospitality after an internship or experiencing an especially positive interaction at a hotel as a guest. For Mik, an Assistant Human Resources Manager in Manila, working at Marriott was always a family affair.

“I started my career as an intern in 2008 at The Renaissance Makati City Hotel where my dad was working at that time,” Mik recalls. “He inspired me to become a hotelier, [and he’s] the reason I took on my bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.”

After that internship, Mik was hired as part of the pre-opening team of the Manila Marriott Hotel as a Human Resources Assistant. After 5 years he got promoted to Human Resources Officer and his tasks also expanded to work in other Marriott properties in the Philippines. During the pandemic gained more responsibilities in his role, including HR tasks for the Sheraton Manila.

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Today, Mik works at both the Manila Marriott Hotel and Sheraton Manila handling compensation and benefits and running the HR system. He manages the payroll and timekeeping, compensation and benefits for associates who work at both hotels.

Not only do he and his father work at Marriott, his younger brother and sister work in the company too! And the Marriott family tree doesn’t end there. It was working at the Manila Marriott Hotel where Mik met his wife, a fellow associate. Although she no longer works in the company, they still share a passion for discovering the world, in particular Disney world.

Marriott Assistant Human Resources

Courtesy of Mik G.

“We have already visited all Disney Parks in Asia and our next target will be the Disney Parks in the United States,” he says.” But the dream destination is Disneyland Paris!”

Learn more about Mik’s Marriott journey in HR in his own words below.

What is your favorite part of working at Marriott?

How we take care of the associates. Not only through the benefits but also with the trainings the company provides and the career opportunities. There will be more Marriott hotels opening soon in the Philippines, and that means more opportunities for our associates. That is one of the great things about Marriott, it’s not just about the company’s growth but also the career opportunities it provides for its associates.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

During my internship at the Renaissance Makati City Hotel, I already felt the value of “Putting People First”. I felt that I belonged to their family even if I was only an intern. During that time, Marriott Hotel Manila was already being built and I always glanced at the building during my commute to and from the hotel, and I said to myself that I wanted to continue my career as an associate at Marriott Hotel Manila because of the culture that I had seen as an intern. I always believed in the “Putting People First” core value because I know that we should really invest with our own associates as they are the future of our company.

Marriott Assistant Human Resources

Courtesy of Mik G.

Describe a moment you felt supported at Marriott.

During the pandemic our work schedule was rearranged, and duty days were reduced. Even if the hotel was struggling during those times, l was still able to provide for my personal needs due to the support of the hotel. Even if there were times I was working from home, I had the tools to still perform my work especially during payroll processing. Then, I caught COVID-19. I am very thankful to my HR family for sending me warm messages and even a fruit basket during my recovery. They made sure that everything would be alright and gave me time to rest and regain my health.

How has Marriott supported your family?

Marriott Hotel Manila has been my second home for nearly fifteen years. Because of Marriott, I was able to provide for my family especially when my father passed away last 2014. I was able to buy a house and support the studies of my younger siblings throughout the years. My younger brother also got the opportunity to be an intern at Marriott Hotel Manila and now works also in the hotel industry, and my younger sister started her career at the Sheraton Manila Hotel last 2018.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

A good day at work always begins with a short prayer before I start turning on my desktop in the morning. Starting the day with our daily stand-up and discussing the daily duties makes me feel comfortable and ready to take on that day because it prepares me and the team for the tasks ahead. It is also a good day as long as we know that we have assisted associates in the best way we can and felt they were satisfied with our actions too.

Marriott Assistant Human Resources

Courtesy of Mik G.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I love the people that I work with. We treat each other with respect and most especially, everyone has a welcoming and positive attitude. I love what I am doing as part of the compensation and benefits of Human Resources because in that way, I am able to talk to and assist associates with their needs and get to know them better. Interacting with our associates is one of my favorite things while working because in that way, you might be the right person that the associate might open up to and express their concerns if they were uncomfortable expressing it to others. I also love it when I see other associates grow their career not only here in our property but also when they transfer to other Marriott properties. I am always proud of our associates, especially with the ones who I have been working with from the beginning.

Do you have any tips for candidates who want a role like yours?

During interviews, I try to think of it as just having a conversation with another person in a slightly more serious manner to lessen the nervousness and uneasiness. My tip is to always tell your experiences like meaningful contributions to your team, stories about how you overcame challenges during your work or special tasks that were assigned to you. In that way, you will be able to sell yourself during the interview. I always believe that past performance will predict your future performance. For aspiring HR professionals, always open your door literally and figuratively. You might be that person the associate is looking for to tell his or her concerns and do something about it. Walk and talk to associates around the hotel to make them feel that you are visible and accessible to them.

Marriott Assistant Human Resources

Courtesy of Mik G.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

It’s one of the best benefits an associate can take advantage of. We usually use the explore rate when we go out of the country, especially when we go to Hong Kong. We usually stay at the Sheraton Towers due to their service and its accessibility and location. I usually extend my Explore Rate to my wife whenever she goes to Singapore to visit friends where she always stays at the Marriott Tang Plaza. And yes, we also use the Explore Rate to have a staycation at various Marriott properties here in the Philippines, including Marriott Hotel Manila and Sheraton Manila Hotel especially during the holiday season.

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