career story of a hotel restaurant server at westin
Courtesy of Ruben U.

Name: Ruben U.
Position: Morning Restaurant Server
Hotel: The Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
Dream destination: Hawaii
Favorite way to focus on wellness: Daily workouts. They are essential!

Ruben is a Morning Restaurant Server at The Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. He joined the hotel in 2011 as a server working across all shifts before securing the morning one, because he loves a challenge.

“The morning shift is demanding because it can be so fast paced, but I enjoy that as it allows me to grow,” he says.

career story of a hotel restaurant server at westin

Ruben’s role requires him to stand on his feet for long periods of time and walk around constantly. As such, getting a good stretch in throughout the day is beneficial to his overall well-being. That penchant for wellness was most recently featured in the brand’s new Heart of Westin: Wellness Cards, Move Well Collection. Each one of the 30 cards in the collection features a Westin associate from around the world performing a specific stretch. Ruben’s own Move Well Card shows him doing a hamstring stretch exercise called “uneven toe touches.”

Marriott associates are consistently encouraged to prioritize their own wellness through the acclaimed company-wide program TakeCare, and this Westin brand-specific initiative is a great example of that empowerment. The Move Well Cards are available to Westin associates during their workdays and throughout their shifts, so that daily movement and wellness is top of mind and encouraged.

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Below, learn more about Ruben’s experience at work and participating in the program, in his own words.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being around people, both our family of coworkers but also new guests day in and day out.

career story of a hotel restaurant server at westin

Courtesy of Ruben U.

How would you describe your hotel’s culture?

Work is more like family: It’s a strong community with a commitment to working together, doing things right, paying attention to important items like recycling and the environment.

Describe a moment you felt like a part of a community at your hotel.

I feel that I am treated equally and with respect at The Westin. This is my „other“ family.

Favorite part of working at your hotel?

To feel like I am doing a good job and making people smile.

How do you feel supported at your hotel or in your role?

My leadership makes me feel like I am valuable and that I make a difference.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

There’s not one moment that sticks out, but getting recognized feels good.

career story of a hotel restaurant server at westin

Courtesy of Ruben U.

How are you encouraged by Marriott to prioritize your well-being?

For Marriott, and Westin in particular, it is all about well-being. I feel good to know there is emphasis placed on this.

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