Rachel Franchising Intern
Courtesy of Rachel G.

Name: Rachel G.
Position: Intern, Franchise Operations
School: Cornell University
Dream destination: The Maldives
Drink or treat of choice: Coffee. I enjoy all types, from espresso to cold brew to a classic “cup of Joe.”

For this Cornell University student, there are two great passions in life: Food and Franchising. Well, hotel franchising that is.

Rachel, a junior at the Nolan School of Hotel Administration and a summer intern with Marriott’s Franchise Operations department, is also a food blogger who finds joy in exploring trendy restaurants across her native Long Island and beyond.

“I enjoy being creative through food photography and content editing, even if it occasionally elicits groans from my friends and family as I try to capture the perfect shot before eating,” she says.

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Rachel Franchising Intern

Courtesy of Rachel G.

Rachel’s love of food only seems to be rivaled by her deep interest in the “fascinating” world of hotel franchising — AKA, when hotel owners partner with Marriott International to tap into the power of the world’s leading hospitality company.

“Having background knowledge from my studies at Cornell along with the unprecedented growth in interest rates, the franchising industry has rapidly expanded, driving more curiosity in me to learn how it is operated,” says Rachel. “The intricate nature of franchising, with its attention to detail, jargon, and the need for effective marketing and persuasion, has been exciting to learn.”

This actually isn’t Rachel’s first stint at Marriott — she started her Marriott journey last summer as an intern on the Global Residential Operations teams. “I had such an amazing experience [last year], that I knew I wanted to return to advance my knowledge in different aspects of hospitality.”

Rachel Franchising Intern

Courtesy of Rachel G.

Learn more about how she found an unexpected career path in her own words below.

What does your Marriott internship mean to you?

It’s not merely about pursuing a career at Marriott, which may have seemed unattainable before, but also about finding inspiration and discovering my true self. I am filled with enthusiasm, and I plan to go the extra mile and not only be an intern but make an impact as an intern.

How did you find out about the program and decide to apply?

I had the opportunity to intern at Marriott as a Global Residential Operations Intern last summer. I learned about that position through networking with an Alumni on campus, and my experience during the internship was truly amazing. That motivated me to seek out opportunities with Marriott this year too. Marriott offered opportunities for growth, learning, and skill development. “Plus, their core pillars —focusing on exceptional guest experiences and putting people first — aligned with my values.”

Rachel Franchising Intern

Courtesy of Rachel G.

Why did you choose a Marriott internship?

Because of the company’s outstanding reputation and hospitality. Marriott is consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for, and I feel their commitment to exceptional service and employee satisfaction as I enter the office every day. The positive atmosphere, friendly faces, and warm greetings both on property and beyond resonated with me as a hospitality student.

Why would you recommend an internship at Marriott to other students?

Marriott’s emphasis on putting people first — both guests and associates — is incredible. They prioritize employee satisfaction, personal development, and fostering an inclusive work environment. Also, their global presence and diverse portfolio of brands offer unique opportunities for growth and learning.

Rachel Franchising Intern

Courtesy of Rachel G.

What has been your favorite part of the internship?

The team was so warm and welcoming that it has made me envision this as my future path. Even though Marriott is a large organization, the close-knit community is something I’d want to continue [being part of] beyond this summer. [In the future], I’d love to be able to share my experience with young leaders doing internships.

Where do you hope this internship takes you?

This marks the beginning of my journey as a future leader in the hospitality industry. This experience has surpassed my expectations, and I no longer question whether I can be part of this team full-time—I want to be! My ultimate goal is to secure a full-time position at Marriott HQ. I am enthusiastic about what the future holds!

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