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Courtesy of The St. Regis Bora Bora

At the heart of everything we do at Marriott there is one common denominator: People. The motto “Serve Our World” is not only one of our core values, but also how we do business. Whether it is through volunteerism, fundraising, donations, and other initiatives, our associates worldwide are motivated to do good in their communities and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives beyond our guests.

When we ask our associates their favorite part of the job, some are quick to name Marriott’s benefits (they love the Explore Rate!), or the many options to grow within the company — but what makes them proudest and most excited is participating in Marriott’s Serve360 activities.
Serve360 is Marriott’s commitment to creating positive and sustainable impact wherever we do business. It is guided by our 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Goals, and aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

From blood drives to toy wrapping, from organizing mental health hikes to implementing a food donation system, there are many ways in which people at Marriott live the company’s Serve Our World value. These inspiring associates are just some of the thousands that touch people’s lives and make a difference within their community and the world, one inspired action at a time.

A Career of Serving

area general manager career story

Courtesy of Sharon L.

Area General Manager Sharon’s way of celebrating her four decades at Marriott is the perfect example of what Serve Our World truly means.

“I spoke to a few of our leaders prior to my milestone anniversary with Marriott and told them I did not want recognition; instead, I asked for them to coordinate a community service project that our associates could volunteer to attend,” she says.

They accepted and she then created “Take Action August,” an opportunity for each of the 1,150 associates that work at the hotels she oversees to volunteer one hour of their time for a month. “It has been an amazing month so far — my goal is to volunteer at least 40 hours this month in honor of each year with Marriott,” she told us last summer.

Besides her Take August initiative, Sharon has also taken part in dozens of charitable activities with the company. “So far, I have been involved in cleaning classrooms at a local public charter middle school in preparation of the new school year, cleaning school buses and organization an IT storeroom at Grace’s Place, preparing items for donation to Saint Matthew’s house, and working food pantries at Our Daily Bread and Harry Chapin Food Bank. Our team created a QR code so that it is easy for our associates to easily find volunteer opportunities, log their time spent, or report goods donated to any organization.”

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Finding Pride in Service

JW Recreation Manager DJ A.

Courtesy of DJ

DJ, Recreation Manager at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa, has found the most joy and pride in the community events he does with the company every year, especially the ones around Christmas.

“What makes our property unique is how we care for the community. Each year we host a golf tournament, and all proceeds go towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,” he says. “We had a family come out to represent the CMN hospital and I was chosen to spend the day with them and show them a great time while at our hotel. This was special to me because it helped me understand I’m an important piece of the Marriott family and giving back is always something I pride myself on.”

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Being Part of Something Bigger

derek marriott career story sales pride parade

Courtesy of Derek W.

After 15 years at Marriott, Derek, Director of Sales at the JW Marriott Tampa Water Street & Marriott Tampa Water Street, feels part of a community when he participates in events outside the hotel too, like walking the pride parade in Washington DC with the Marriott International team, or leading the Orlando chapter of ONE, Marriott’s LGBTQ+ associate resource group, or participating in Serve360 events.

When we asked Derek which of Marriott Values resonates most with him, he didn’t hesitate. “Serve Our World. Participating in Marriott’s Serve 360 Events has connected me to people and ideas that have positively impacted my perspective of the world we live in,” he said.

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It’s All About People

marriott army veteran career story

Courtesy of Ann: “Finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon – running is my stress relief and how I “take care” of me.”

Ann, U.S. Army veteran and now Vice President of Customer Engagement Centers, Marriott’s core value to “put people first” was a motto she lived by well before joining the company. Today, it makes her proud to work for a company that consciously seeks to have an impact in its community.

“I enjoy participating in Serve360 events — the company dedicates time and resources to projects that serve the communities that we live and work in. I feel immense pride in working for a company that sees our hotels as cornerstones of communities and neighborhoods and seeks to give back in many ways.”

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A Culture of Giving Back

Marriott serve our world Kasey E.

Courtesy of Kasey E.

When asked how he would describe Marriott’s culture, Director of Housekeeping Kasey talked about how the companies help the local communities. “It truly is inspiring and amazing watching all our properties come together across the globe to put into action Marriott’s Serve 360 program. This program is Marriott’s way of making the communities, cities, and the world in which we live, operate, and manage our hotels a little better. Serve 360 looks to reduce Marriott’s Environmental footprint while also increasing our presence in our local communities,” he explains.

“It’s extremely exciting to see what our more than 100,000 associates can do worldwide, from hosting local food drives for soup kitchens to building homes with Habitat for Humanity, to cleaning up parks and neighborhoods. It makes us feel extremely good about the company that we work for and to incorporate these Serve 360 values into our daily lives. It’s not a back thought, rather it’s a forethought for all Marriott associates and leaders.”

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Appreciating Appreciation

marriott serve our world maddie

Courtesy of Maddie L.

For Maddie, Customer Success Manager with Marriott’s Digital Services team, her participation in the charity works her team has done over the years is at the top of her favorite aspects of her Marriott experience.

“I cherish our yearly Associate Appreciation Week. My first Associate Appreciation Week experience was my favorite! Marriott transformed the parking lot into a culinary wonderland and demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility with activities like collaborating with a local animal shelter and bringing in a group of adorable puppies for us to interact with and enjoy,” she recalls. “There was also an organized care package packing station in which all associates from all corners of the organization came together to assemble packages for those in need. I experienced a sense of unity and camaraderie among us. It provided an opportunity for associates from various departments and backgrounds to come together as an interconnected community to enjoy ourselves while also giving back.”

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Putting the Social in Social Media

Marriott Social Media Manager

Courtesy of Maia M.

Social media manager might be one of the most exciting roles a tech and people-oriented person can have in hospitality. From organizing photo shoots to traveling the world or crafting big social media campaigns, but when we asked Argentinian Social Media Manager Maia what the most exciting thing she’s done at Marriott it was all about helping others.

“There are so many exciting things I’ve been able to do in my job! From participating in a Take Care activity for Associate Appreciation Week by painting toys for kids in foster homes, to participating in the ATP Buenos Aires (Argentina’s biggest annual tennis championship); I met the 2020 champion, Casper Ruud.”

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Making a Difference

Gaylord Executive Chef career story Jakob

Courtesy of Jakob E.

“My absolute favorite part of my job is that I can make a huge difference in people’s lives and for the environment,” says Jakob, an Executive Chef at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.

He’s put people first since the beginning of his days at Marriott. For example, by starting a food donation program at the W Barcelona, where he got his first Marriott role. “Based on that success I have implemented the same process here at Gaylord National. In the first month we donated over 8,000 pounds of cooked food for the Central Union Mission, feeding thousands of people in need.”

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The Human Connection

marriott housekeeper career story to hr - jacquelin

Courtesy of Jacquelin R.

As an HR Manager, US Army Reservist Jacquelin says she finds a sense of community at Marriott by living one of the company’s most popular core values, Serve Our World.

“Marriott’s Spirit to Serve allows us to connect with our communities and give back. I’ve been part of Children’s Miracle Network fundraising which includes the Torch Relay, organizing a blood drive and selling root beer floats to our associates and guests,” she says. “I am [also] an avid hiker and as a TakeCare Champion, I was able to host three hikes locally with our associates to promote physical and mental wellness.”

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Doing Business Better

Miwa Style Coach W Osaka

Courtesy of Miwa N.

For Style Coach and culture leader Miwa, getting together with her peers to fulfill Serve 360 activities is what gives her the most pride and truly makes her feel part of a community. “Most recently, 15 sister properties around the Kansai region of Japan gathered for “Road to Give” (Marriott’s annual charity run), and I felt so grateful to see so many friends and families who work and share our values together. A moment like this brought me joy to feel the power of our strong community,” she says.

“Another example was when we partnered with Sekisui House, Osaka Tourism Bureau, and Out Japan to collaborate on our LGBTQ project. We shared the fund, time, and values to support LGBTQ Rainbow Fest 2023 and made such a successful event. Connecting with our partners outside the hotel industry allows us to widen our perspectives to do our business better.”

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True to Our Core

st. regis director of restaurants keith career story

When asked which of Marriott’s values resonates with him the most, Keit, Restaurant Director at The St.Regis Red Sea, didn’t hesitate. “The core value related to sustainability and social impact is an area that has always been at the forefront of my mind when it comes to operating a hotel. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to look after the planet we live on.”

“Working in the Red Sea Global Project has allowed me to participate in the opening of a world-class luxury resort hotel in an environmentally conscious manner. This project is striving to seta new standard of responsible and sustainable development worldwide. That means delivering for employees, visitors, residents, and communities, as well as protecting our planet. This includes powering our hotel by 100% renewable energy sources, growing more than 30 million plants, and achieving net zero operations by 2030.”

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