marriott career story farheen
Courtesy of Farheen S.

Name: Farheen S.
Position: Senior Rooms Operations Manager
Hotel: JW Marriott Houston by The Galleria
Dream destination: Many, and I have been to all of them, but my most favorite ones are Egypt, Sydney, Cape Town and Hawaii
Drink or treat of choice: Mango juice!

Farheen was just seven months into her new job as a front desk associate at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis when her career was unexpectedly catapulted.

See, while Farheen was brand new to working at Marriott, she was a longtime guest of the hotels. “I always inclined towards its culture because it gave me a sense of belonging,” says Farheen of Marriott. So, when she started her new job behind the front desk of the 52-story downtown hotel, she wanted to show the same level of care to guests that she had always experienced herself.

And one fateful day, that “exceptional” check-in service dazzled a VIP guest.

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“I didn’t know he was a Marriott leader until he introduced himself and started raving about my service,” recalls Farheen. The leader was so impressed with Farheen’s work ethic, he recruited her out of the 52-story downtown hotel and into a Sales Coordinator role at Marriott’s Regional Sales Office.

“I took that opportunity as a challenge because I love to learn and grow,” says Farheen. “I always loved to lead, develop and engage teams, maybe because I love to travel and connect with diverse groups.”

marriott career story farheen

Courtesy of Farheen S.

Farheen has been promoted four times in just four and a half years, most recently moving from Georgia to Texas to become the Senior Rooms Operations Manager at the JW Marriott Houston by The Galleria, overseeing the 25-person front office team and ensuring all the guests and associates “get the best hospitality experience and feel the sense of belonging.”

“I always had a dream to work at a luxury hotel, and at Marriott, when you have passion, you work hard and believe in yourself — you make your dreams come true. So did I,” Farheen says about her recent promotion. “I can’t wait to make great things happen.”

Learn more about Farheen’s experience as a Marriott associate — including all the places she’s traveled using the Explore Rate, in her own words, below.

What’s surprised you most about your job or about working for Marriott?

I was a Marriott guest for a long time, and always inclined towards its culture because it gave me a sense of belonging. That feeling continued when I began as a Marriott associate — I love it! I have a strong passion for DEI and Marriott gives me this sense of belonging. The global mindset of all leaders and associates is inspiring. I have worked for so many companies in the past and no matter what they show outside, none of them can compete with the way Marriott embraces world diversity, makes everyone feel like they belong and provides them with equal opportunities. No matter where you are from, your uniqueness will be welcomed, celebrated and embraced every day at Marriott.

How would you describe your experience as a Marriott associate?

I love the learning opportunities that Marriott provides. I am a nerd and love to go to school or take trainings or development programs, and Marriott has got it all. We get to take discounted Cornell hospitality classes, and Marriott offers development programs of all levels. I am so proud to be chosen for two already in my five-year career, Leadership in Motion (associate level) and Emerging Leader Program (manager level).

marriott career story farheen

Courtesy of Farheen S.

Which of Marriott’s core values resonate most with you?

I think it all goes back to Mr. Marriott’s famous quote: “If we treat our employees right, they will treat the customers right, then the customer will come back.” Putting People First is what makes Marriott exclusive. There is a sense of belonging, and you feel like a family.

Marriott also has a phenomenal global presence, and it is wonderful to have and embrace so much diversity.

What tips would you give to candidates who want a role like yours?

Be Passionate! Be Genuine! Be You! Remember that results and passion matter more than work experience. Marriott will see and embrace your talent, and you will get that perfect opportunity you were looking for. And, if you have the above three, you got it!

marriott career story farheen

Courtesy of Farheen S.

Favorite part of the job?

Connecting with diverse people and making them smile! I also love Associate Appreciation Week, especially the celebration of cultural day where everyone gets to embrace their culture.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

It is one of the many perks we get working for Marriott. As I travel a lot, I have gotten some amazing hotel discounts that most people won’t even believe. My favorite one was my stay at Bulgari Hotel Dubai — the best view of Dubai skyline with free buffet breakfast. Amazing!

marriott career story farheen

Courtesy of Farheen S.

Also, visiting the pyramids of Egypt was a childhood dream for me, and when I found out about the Cairo hotel in front of those pyramids, Marriott Mena House, I had to visit. It was the most mesmerizing experience of my life where I woke up to gorgeous pyramid views and enjoyed the royal buffet breakfast!! Love them Explore Rates!

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