Housekeeping Supervisor The Westin Bahrain
Courtesy of Harry D.

Name: Saad S.
Position: Hotel Cleanliness Supervisor
Hotel: The Westin and Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain
Dream destination: Los Angeles, California
Favorite way to focus on wellness: In our daily morning briefing, we incorporate stretching exercises with rejuvenating music to promote Move Well and Do Well among the team. We also encourage relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation to help manage stress and anxiety.

Meet Saad, a Cleanliness Supervisor at The Westin and Le Meridien City Centre in Bahrain and one of the faces of the Heart of Westin: Wellness Cards, Move Well Collection.

In case you didn’t know it, Westin is ALL about wellness. And not just when it comes to guests, but for their associates too.

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Each one of the 30 cards in the Move Well Collection features a Westin associate from around the world performing a specific stretch. Marriott associates are consistently encouraged to prioritize their own wellness through the acclaimed company-wide program TakeCare, and this Westin brand-specific initiative is a great example of that empowerment. The Move Well Cards are available to Westin associates during their workdays and throughout their shifts, so that daily movement and wellness is top of mind and encouraged.

As Saad puts it, this initiative invites associates to go on a journey of “inspiration, rejuvenation, and a commitment to health and to shape your holistic wellbeing.”

Housekeeping Supervisor The Westin Bahrain

Saad further explains how the ‘Heart of Westin’ wellness approach is present everywhere around the hotel.

“There are numerous posters on the wall that promote additional Move Well activities, along with their benefits and motivations,” he says. “An “Eat Well” menu is available in the associate cafeteria to promote healthy eating, and our accommodations feature a pool and gym to encourage Move Well activities, as well as a snooker game to promote the Play Well pillar.”

Learn more about Saad’s Move Well experience and what it’s like to work at The Westin and Le Meridien City Centre in Bahrain, in his own words below.

What was participating in the Move Well Collection like?

It was a fun experience, especially working closely with the marketing team. I particularly enjoyed the photo shoot and the opportunity to have a great time with our colleagues.

Housekeeping Supervisor The Westin Bahrain

Courtesy of Saad S.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite aspect of working at my job is being able to assist my colleagues, witnessing their happiness, and organizing activities that bring them joy. It brings me great fulfillment to know that I can provide a safe and supportive environment for them.

Speaking of culture, do you remember a moment when you felt like a part of a community at your hotel or at Marriott?

One moment that truly made me feel like a part of a community was when we organized a community footprint event at an orphanage and local high school. I had the opportunity to conduct an art training session and do a presentation on social skills. This experience allowed me to connect with and give back to the local community, showcasing Marriott’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the hotel property. Being able to support and engage with the community in this way truly made me feel like a valued member of the community.

Housekeeping Supervisor The Westin Bahrain

Courtesy of Saad S.

How would you describe The Westin culture?

It can be summarized as a culture of maturity and positivity among associates. Many associates feel that the work environment at the hotel is positive and that the pace of work is just right for them. And this shared belief in a positive work environment and a manageable pace creates a supportive and productive atmosphere for all of us at The Westin City Centre Bahrain.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

When one of my team members who started as an associate was promoted to desk coordinator. As his supervisor, I recognized his abilities and encouraged him to apply for the role. Witnessing his growth and success within the organization has been incredibly rewarding for me, as it highlights the importance of supporting and nurturing talent within the team.

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