Employee with view of Greece in background

When Jose L. interviewed for a position with Marriott, he was clear that career growth was one of his top priorities in his next job.

“I’m dedicated, and I want to grow, to get promoted,” Jose recalls telling his recruiter.

Jose joined Marriott as a manager in the Information Security assurance practice, which includes maintaining MI’s regulatory security compliance, facilitating audits, and developing a program to identify and track security issues. After less than two years, Jose was promoted to senior manager, and, just recently, he was made Director of Security Issues Management, a discipline and team that he helped form at Marriott.

“I’ve had tremendous success since joining and feel really fulfilled. Going from a brand new individual contributor to being a director where I own certain processes and get to influence the paths that we take,” says Jose. “It’s definitely propelled me into a different phase of my career.”

Jose experienced what many have found in a Marriott career: The company supports its associates, which in turn inspires the associates to care for and prioritize the customers — opening a path of growth and development.

“I don’t think I would have had that at other companies,” says Jose. “I’m definitely super happy with the way I’ve been able to advance, and Marriott’s given me lots of opportunities to undertake trainings and certifications to further develop my skills and ambitions.”

One of the biggest motivators for Jose in his work is getting to see the fruits of his labor across the globe. Through visiting Marriott managed properties, Jose gets to work with the associates to instill long-term best practices and enable “security champions” on the ground.

Looking to the future, Jose’s invigorated by all that’s to come at Marriott, especially for the Global Tech team. “Our leadership has challenged us to modernize our technology and adopt an agile mindset. We’re kind of in a startup mentality right now where we’re hitting the reset button on how we do things.”

And that work-life harmony he was seeking? Jose has found it. “Work-life balance is probably the greatest part of Marriott’s culture.”