Group of coworkers in meeting

Building for the future is something Asim M. is exceptionally familiar with as a technologist at Marriott.

“I love to build strategic and innovative systems,” says Asim, the Director of IT Applications Development.

Asim joined Marriott in 2006, and in his nearly two decades at the company, it’s no secret that a lot has changed both in the tech and travel industries — but he’s always been impressed by Marriott’s consistent leadership in the space.

“Marriott has always strived to be at the forefront of travel technology,” says Asim. “It continues to make strides in redefining its approach through bold innovations.”

While building innovative tech is no doubt a great opportunity that his position affords, what Asim finds most gratifying is the impact. “The work I do touches the lives of millions of travelers and guests on a daily basis.”

That “people first” mentality is what attracted Asim to Marriott in the first place. At a leadership conference in 2005, before he had joined the company, Asim heard Bill Marriott give a speech on core beliefs and business principles.

“I was quite inspired by Bill Marriott’s personal approach to people, where he simply stated, ‘Take care of your people, and they will take care of your guests.’ Something so simple, yet so powerful. I could not shake it off for several weeks, wondering how it would be to work for a company like that,” recalls Asim. “Before another year had elapsed, I had become a proud Marriott associate.”

That prioritization of care and support is what brought Asim to the company — and it continues to be what he enjoys most about his career at Marriott. “I have always marveled at the feeling of family that one gets. The culture of taking care of each other has endured decades of the company’s existence and permeates the rank and file of associates worldwide. I see it at corporate and in the field. I believe this culture has allowed the company to navigate challenges facing the industry and come out stronger than before.”