Three collogues collaborating

As the product management lead of the recently re-launched Marriott Bonvoy Android App, Ben B. has experienced first-hand the large-scale tech opportunities happening at Marriott.

“It was rebuilt from the ground up,” Ben says of the app, which officially launched in June 2022 with an entirely new codebase and an interface designed to intuitively guide Marriott guests through the entire booking and in-stay journey. “This was a major undertaking touching many parts of the company, and to see the results and impact has been genuinely rewarding.”

As the Senior Director of Mobile Product Management, Ben and his team are focused on creating a simple, efficient digital shopping and booking experience for Marriott customers around the world.

“The Android app supports seven languages (with plans to support more) and is distributed globally. We work with regional teams across the world to ensure the Marriott Bonvoy app resonates with our global audience,” says Ben.

This position has been a career highlight for him, and when asked about the most fulfilling part of his work — it’s clear.

“Working with truly talented people to build great products,” recalls Ben. “When a team is cohesive, committed, and comprised of A+ players, terrific things can happen.”

The pride Ben has in his team’s achievements is clear — and he’s appreciative of Marriott’s “growth mindset culture” for fostering that innovation.

“We celebrate our wins and look to learn from our miscalculations, rather than judge or blame when things don’t go as planned,” he says of the company, adding: “This is a team-oriented place with a growth mindset culture.

Ben has been with Marriott for just under two years, and throughout his time he’s consistently impressed by the number of associates who have built their careers here. “There are people that have been with the company, 5, 10, 15, 20 years and more. I haven’t seen that type of loyalty elsewhere, and it speaks to the ‘’People First’ culture fostered by leadership.”

But it’s not surprising given the culture of the company and the people who work here. “Great people, great company, and great brand.”