Jennifer front office supervisor marriott indonesia
Courtesy of Jennifer C.

Name: Jennifer C.
Position: Front Office Supervisor
Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon Indah
Dream destination: Italy. Good food and lots of historical artwork.
Drink or treat of choice: Iced tea and butter kaya toast

For Jennifer, life has not always been smooth sailing. As a person with disabilities, Jennifer has found herself living life the “hard way,” as she describes it, but she has not let it stop her from achieving her goals.

“I can’t change my condition, but I can develop skills and change my attitudes,” says Jennifer, a Front Office Supervisor at Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon Indah, about her experience. “I believe skills are qualities that can be learnt and developed over time, with determination.”

That determination is having an impact. Jennifer is inspiring others, creating remarkable guest experiences, and letting her self-confidence and performance speak for itself. Most recently, Jennifer was named the Team Member of the Year for Marriott Select Brands (2022), a major recognition of the strong influence that she has been making in her own workplace.

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Hear more from Jennifer on her story, and her powerful take on what associates with disabilities can bring to the table.

Congratulations on your win! What are some of the greatest achievements you have had in the workplace so far?

One of my highlights has been when guests mentioned my name in their reviews. Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya Pakuwon Indah is a bustling city hotel that caters mainly to business travellers. Being recognized by guests is no small feat, given their tight schedules. When it happened, it showed me how important the mindset of putting people first is, and what a powerful impact it can make. It wasn’t just about the mention of my name; it was about forming genuine bonds with our guests. I realized that prioritizing people goes beyond our guests—it extends to putting my team first as well. As a devoted team player, I’ve strived to embody this core value, and I believe this is what won me the Team Member of the Year award for Marriott Select Brands in 2022.

Jennifer front office supervisor marriott indonesia

Courtesy of Jennifer C.

What are some of the barriers you’ve had to overcome in your career?

My condition is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life, and I have to accept that I won’t be the elegant woman strolling in a variety of stylish shoes — a seemingly essential aspect for a hotelier’s appearance. I’ve often asked myself: Do my team and my company feel ashamed of me? But eventually, I realized that my only barrier is myself – my insecurities.

I can’t change my condition, but I can develop skills and change my attitudes. I believe skills are qualities that can be learnt and developed over time, with determination. Attitudes can also be changed with maturity, and the key is continually striving to be a better person.

What unique strengths or advantages can people with disabilities bring to the table?

Believe it or not, people with disabilities often inadvertently inspire others. It might stem from the visible determination we display in living life, or even the self-confidence we have to participate in society without focusing on setbacks. Different people have different disabilities, so I cannot speak for everyone, but this is a common reality. Having lived life the hard way, we hope that the determination and self-confidence we have will inspire others – and this is the advantage that people with disabilities bring to the table.

What kind of support do you receive from Marriott and your hotel?

Marriott International, besides being a large company, truly provides us with many opportunities not only to develop our careers but also to foster our personal growth. This is evident through the various job opportunities that are available. We even have an in-house training library, with topics ranging from job-specific skills to leadership development, and numerous other topics for our personal and professional growth. As an associate at Four Points By Sheraton Surabaya Pakuwon Indah, I feel very fortunate to have a team that not only supports me in growing my skills but also a team that accepts me for who I am.

Jennifer front office supervisor marriott indonesia

Courtesy of Jennifer C.

How can people with disabilities be empowered to make a meaningful impact in the workplace, and what advice would you offer to inspire them to achieve their goals?

People with disabilities have the potential to make an impact in the workplace just like anyone else, with the same goals and dreams. The most important things – be professional, and remember that at the end of the day, it’s about how well we have performed in our work, and the end-results. It’s completely okay to feel insecure, and everyone faces different circumstances. However, we need to face the fact that sometimes, what holds us back isn’t our condition or disability, but our lack of confidence in proving our capabilities. What matters most in the workplace is the end-result of our work, so maintain professionalism, and let the results speak for themselves.

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