marriott tech intern story - emily
Courtesy of Emily I.

Name: Emily I.
Position: Global Tech Intern
School: University of Maryland, College Park
Dream destination: Copenhagen
Drink or treat of choice: Grapefruit Juice

When you walk through floors 6,7 and 8 of Marriott’s modern, towering headquarters in downtown Bethesda, you’ll pass by software engineers typing up code at their desks, glass huddle rooms filled with collaborating teams, and more associates working hard to fire up and maintain Marriott’s digital presence worldwide.

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This is also where you’ll find Emily, a rising junior at the University of Maryland and a global tech intern at Marriott HQ this summer.

marriott it intern - emily

Kelly Loss Photography

For many students studying technology, the thought of joining a hospitality company like Marriott might not be what immediately comes to mind when considering where to spend a summer internship. But for the top hospitality company in the world and its integral digital systems — ranging from the website you use to book a hotel room to the platform associates use to keep track of their timecards — the global technology department is indispensable.

This is why interns and fellows like Emily, who’s double majoring in Information Science and Information Technology and Design, are extremely valuable. Their fresh ideas can help Marriott and its platforms grow organically with every generation.

marriott it intern - emily

Courtesy of Emily I.

Emily is spending her summer working with Marriott’s Software Engineering – Salesforce Platforms team. She first discovered Marriott’s HQ Fellowship/Internship Program (and its technology-focused intern opportunities) at University of Maryland’s career fair. While searches for internships can sometimes feel daunting and scary, others, as in Emily’s case, can feel relaxed and exciting, like you know you’re going to find a good match for you.

“I knew [Marriott] was going to be a good fit for me when I met my manager during my interview. She was so kind and welcoming,” says Emily, who’s originally from Beachwood, Ohio. “Honestly, I didn’t apply for much else.”

marriott it intern - emily

Courtesy of Emily I.

Emily’s positive experience with her manager is a great example of how Marriott lives its values. Mr. Marriott’s renowned saying, “Take care of the associates and they will take care of the customers” is one of our core values: Put People First. It’s that people-first culture that brings a lot of associates, like Emily, to Marriott.

Learn more about Emily’s journey as a global technology intern below.

In your eyes, what makes Marriott stand out from other companies?

The freedom and opportunities for creativity and growth.

How has the program impacted your own career aspirations?

I appreciate how much care and resources Marriott invests into associate growth. I feel like I could really develop myself here.

marriott it intern - emily

Courtesy of Emily I.

What does your Marriott internship mean to you?

To me, this internship is my first experience in a professional technical workspace. I am excited to learn about workplace culture, how to work with others on projects, and network with my fellow interns and other Marriott employees.

marriott it intern - emily

Courtesy of Emily I.

Where are you hoping your Marriott internship takes you?

I am hoping that my internship will leave me with the experience and confidence to take on any future internships while I am still in school, as well as jobs after I graduate.

What’s next for you?

I have two more years of school to learn what I’m all about!

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