Aizuddin A. Loss Prevention Coach
Courtesy of Aizuddin A.

Name: Aizuddin A.
Position: Loss Prevention Coach
Hotel: W Kuala Lumpur
Dream destination: Japan
Drink or treat of choice: Black coffee

After completing a meticulous six-month First Aid Instructor Training program, Aizuddin has become W Kuala Lumpur’s first-ever First Aid Instructor. Proud of his accomplishment, his colleague took to LinkedIn to give him a shoutout and congratulate him on the milestone.

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“Aizuddin not only completed his training program but also aced his instructorship assessment,” Ameer A., Training and Leadership Development Manager, wrote. “We raise our glasses and toast to Aizuddin’s wit and determination. May your journey as our Loss Prevention Coach and First Aid Instructor continue to be filled with excellence.”

A former Lieutenant in the Royal Malaysian Navy, Aizuddin says that this experience has increased his courage when it comes to facing emergencies and that he has been able to take advantage of many of the lessons he learned in the army in his new hospitality career.

Today, as a Loss Prevention Coach, Aizuddin is responsible for protecting the privacy and safety of guests and associates at the hotel as well as ensuring the team’s compliance with company standards and policies and external regulations like safety, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and department-specific procedures such as food standards.

Aizuddin A. Loss Prevention Coach

Courtesy of Aizuddin A.

Although many people might not be familiar with it, this position exists in most Marriott hotels — it’s one of those that is key in making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Among a Loss Prevention Coach’s duties are patrolling all areas of the hotel’s grounds; securing rooms; assisting guests with room access, conducting emergency response drills, daily physical hazard and safety inspections, investigations, interviews, and key control audits; monitoring Closed Circuit Televisions and alarm systems, respond to accidents, and many, many more.

Learn more about Aizuddin’s Marriott experience in his own words below.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Our culture helps maintain harmony between associates and hotel guests and it helps bring us closer to each other. Marriott gives great importance to the relationship between employees and taking care of its employees as well as opening and providing opportunities for us to further develop and increase our ability and confidence.

Aizuddin A. Loss Prevention Coach

Courtesy of Aizuddin A.

Describe a moment you felt supported in your role.

When I am given the opportunity to share the knowledge I have learned.

How has Marriott supported your growth and allowed you to try new things?

I have been able to share the knowledge I learned while in the Navy on how to defend ourselves in emergencies. The First Aid trainer training program has opened opportunities and increased my knowledge as well as given me more self-confidence and challenged me to do things that are impossible for others to do. As a former Navy and as a First Aid trainer I can educate and give better guidance in dealing with emergencies based on my motto: “Mission first, safety always.”

What have been the biggest learnings you’ve picked up from your time at Marriott?

The biggest learning is that I can be myself while doing my tasks. My training style is casual but professional and I make sure it is understandable for my colleagues. Most importantly, I have also been taught to communicate effectively between associates and hotel guests while in the Navy this kind of thing is not taught.

Aizuddin A. Loss Prevention Coach

Courtesy of Aizuddin A.

Favorite part of working at W?

The cheerful work atmosphere.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Taking care of the safety and security of the hotel because I want everyone around me to always prioritize their safety wherever they are.

Aizuddin A. Loss Prevention Coach

Courtesy of Aizuddin A.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

When we help each other in the execution of tasks regardless of rank and position. That can indirectly raise the spirit of working as a team because we need each other. Like in a ship, there is a captain and crew members. How can crew members such as sailors and engineers steer the ship in the right direction without a good captain?

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