Westin marketing coordinator career story
Courtesy of Daniel B.

Name: Daniel B.
Position: Marketing Coordinator
Location: The Westin New York at Times Square
Dream destination: I’d wanted to go to Japan for as long as I can remember, and this February I hopped on a plane with my wife and did it.
Favorite way to enhance your own well-being: Running with my wife.

In only three years at Marriott, Daniel has gone from Room Assistant in Orlando, Florida, to Marketing Coordinator at The Westin New York at Times Square. Even though the road to New York was no bed of roses, Daniel says his management played a key role in helping him make this jump.

“I started in 2021 as a Room Attendant opening the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve in Orlando. It was my first time working in that role and I remember having some difficulty early on,” he recalls. “However, my leadership was responsive and, in addition to pairing me with more experienced Room Attendants, they also looked back at my past work experience to find additional tasks I could help with, like setting up and organizing our storage spaces.”

Eventually, when Daniel was looking to move to New York, his leaders were able to recommend him with confidence for his next role as the Sales and Events Coordinator for The Westin in New York. “My leadership looked at my potential and drawing on my creative background helped me move into a role in the Marketing space.”

Today, as a Marketing Coordinator, Daniel oversees The Westin New York at Times Square’s social media presence and is now one of the associates featured in the brand’s new Heart of Westin: Wellness Cards, Move Well Collection. In this collection, each one of the 30 cards features a Westin associate from a different part of the world performing a specific move or stretch to feel better.

Heart of Westin: Move Well Cards Daniel B.

Courtesy of The Westin

For example, Daniel’s Move Well Card encourages associates to “move differently than how you moved today” for 30 seconds. Whether it is jumping, squatting or making something up, this card reminds associates that moving well can be just as simple as taking an active pause and, most importantly, making it fun.

As many associates know, prioritizing wellness and taking care of associates is one of Marriott’s pillars (like through the company-wide TakeCare program), and this Westin initiative is a great example of that purpose.

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Learn more about Daniel’s Marriott journey and his participation in this wellness-focused program in his own words below.

When have you felt like a part of a community at Marriott?

Every year, our property holds a Holiday Party to celebrate the work we’ve done as a team throughout the year. In my first year, I was selected as one of our property’s Associates of the Month for December, which was a huge honor and really made me feel like I was part of the team. Before Marriott, I’d never worked for a company that ran events just to show appreciation for their team in that way. Having that kind of experience made it clear to me that this was a company that invested in its people’s development and mental well-being every day.

How would you describe the Westin culture?

The Westin culture is rooted in wellness, and in a way that goes beyond brand pillars. The team I work with at The Westin New York at Times Square makes sure that we, as associates, can explore and expand our horizons, explore what wellness is for us as individuals and as members of a team. Whether that is a flexible work arrangement for our management teams, time off to take care of family, or just taking time off to relax and recover. The Westin culture is a perfect extension of Marriott’s culture of taking care of associates, who in turn take care of our guests.

Westin marketing coordinator career story

Courtesy of Daniel B.

What is your favorite part of working at your hotel?

My favorite part of working at my hotel is connecting with people across my team and making friendships in different departments. I have formed bonds with people in my hotel who know they can reach out to me for any kind of help, advice, or a vibe check, and I know I can do the same with them. This business can be demanding, but when we all know that we share a common goal of making the best experience possible each day for our guests and each other, it gets much easier.

How do you feel supported at your hotel or in your role?

My hotel team is phenomenal. When we are about to launch something new, whether it is signage, a new amenity offering, or a brand partnership, our team pulls it together with a strong collaborative spirit to make sure we deploy on time and with consideration of all our different teams’ strengths.

Westin marketing coordinator career story

Courtesy of Daniel B.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Last November The Westin New York at Times Square hosted the Westin for Abbott World Marathon Majors Marathon Zone for the NYC Marathon. Having the chance to work with the Westin Brand team on a major brand activation was incredible. As a runner, it was exciting to be able to engage with and plan for one of the largest running events on the globe and be able to advise from my personal experience on what kind of offerings our guests might appreciate. Seeing the whole thing come together, watching our guests experience and engage with the Marathon Zone, and getting positive feedback from our property leadership and brand was monumental.

How was participating in the Move Well Card collection?

The Move Well card initiative was a fun experience. You don’t get many chances to put yourself forward for initiatives that will roll out brand wide. As a former room attendant, I love the idea of giving our associates additional resources to be able to Move Well and ensure their overall wellness and well-being while working and when at home. I was watching the Westin Brand webinar when the Heart of Westin program was announced, and I was so excited when I noticed my bright blue suit and power pose in the grid collage on the new Heart of House poster. I can’t wait to see it!

How are you encouraged by your hotel or by Marriott to prioritize your well-being?

The company’s core values promote a management culture that takes care of its employees and is reflected at the property level as well. At all levels, you are encouraged to make use of your time off for vacations or personal reasons, because you can’t be at your best if you never take a break. We are also encouraged to stop working at the end of our day, rather than risk burning ourselves out by staying late. It’s that kind of care and consideration — going beyond saying you believe in work-life balance and actually encouraging people to pursue it — that creates a great workplace.

Westin marketing coordinator career story

Courtesy of Daniel B.

What does ‘Heart of Westin’ mean to you and how do you experience it at work?

Heart of Westin to me is a natural bridge between Westin’s message of wellness and wellbeing and Marriott’s commitment to its associates. It involves ensuring that all our associates are taken care of in mind and body by providing our teams with the resources to do that. It introduces our teams to connect with our brand pillars in a way that is more experiential versus conceptual. It brings concepts that link to brand standards into our day-to-day lives. Heart of Westin is ensuring that everyone can Be Well throughout their entire journey with Westin.

What is your favorite way to enhance your own well-being?

When I met my wife, I wasn’t a very active person outside of work. Then she connected me with running and it’s now one of my favorite ways to stay active. When I run with my wife, it gives us quality time to check in with one another, we stay together at the same pace, and it helps keep our relationship in sync in more ways than one. When I run alone, it gives me the chance to push myself and learn to listen to my body. I’m not always the best at pacing myself, and running is a great way to connect with your limits and realize that rather than constantly going at 100% it’s often better to pull back to 80% or even less. Life isn’t a race, it’s a marathon, and the journey is just as important as the destination.

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