marriott sommelier career story - mose
Courtesy of Mose R.

Name: Mose R.
Position: Food & Beverage Operations Manager and Sommelier
Hotel: Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk
Dream destination: My dream travel destination is France, with its beautiful wine culture and cuisine. I’d like to experience the different tastes of the different regions, go to the vineyards and learn the process of making wine.
Drink or treat of choice: My drink is ice-cold Mountain Dew. Takes me be back to childhood on a hot summer day, hanging out in the backyard with family and friends. Can’t beat it!

In any business it’s important to know your product, but for a sommelier, beyond knowing your wines, you must have some passion — and a lot of knowledge — to succeed. For wine lover-turned expert Mose, his career at Marriott provided just that.

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Mose took part in Marriott’s sommelier program, allowing him to learn, try and love different wines from around the world, which he now can recommend to guests. Today, Mose is a Food and Beverage Operations Manager at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk where he oversees the hotel’s restaurants, CHI Bar and Shula’s Steakhouse, creates special wine and beverage pairings, and organizes wine tastings for the guests.

marriott sommelier career story - mose

Courtesy of Mose R.

For him, the best part of working at Marriott is the opportunity to grow and diversify his career by experiencing different departments and stages of the food and beverage arena and beyond.

“Learning new operations within food and beverage [in a hotel] is a different world from standalone restaurants and city clubs where I’ve worked at,” says Mose. “The opportunities within Marriott are exponential.”

Additionally, Mose’s exposure to different teams and coworkers, getting to learn their interests and job responsibilities, has been incredibly impactful for his own growth.

“Every associate has a story and I love to hear their experiences on this property to better understand each function of the hotel,” he says. With this attitude towards work, he never ceases to learn. “I’m learning new things every day when it comes to wine pairings and food preparation. And I get to use my knowledge to help others and to also grow in the industry.”

marriott sommelier career story - mose

Courtesy of Mose R.

As a hospitality expert with big dreams, Mose feels the company supports and even encourages his dream of “one day becoming a general manager of a Marriott hotel.”

“I shadow in different departments, such as the front office — and as the hub of the hotel, managers are always there to support career growth and seem to enjoy it,” Mose says of the company’s support for his career ambitions. “They have also provided me with the opportunity to try new things, like becoming a sommelier and to experience different cultures and cuisines.”

Learn more about Mose’s journey in food and beverage, in his own words, below.

When have you’ve felt like part of a community at Marriott?

Volunteering with Marriott Children’s Miracle Network events and Marriott Take Care events. It’s amazing to see a company that can share their resources with others in need. From food and clothing drives to 3k walks and runs to raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Working with associates that want to make a difference in our community was great and it’s an amazing way to bond and make memories and give back.

marriott sommelier career story - mose

Courtesy of Mose R.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Warm, welcoming and inviting. Everyone in the hotel always says hello and everyone is there to help when you need a hand. The open-door policy is something that makes me feel comfortable speaking with someone about how to resolve an issue or just need guidance for my career advancement. Everyone is always willing to help each other out and that makes Marriott a great place to work.

When have you felt supported by Marriott?

When we had the Chicago Cubs Convention at the hotel. I had never done an event of this size before, and the Marriott team was there for us every step of the way offering coaching and words of encouragement. They also had a team of supervisors onsite to help with any issues that may have arisen. I felt so supported and it made me really proud to be a part of the Marriott family.

marriott sommelier career story - mose

Courtesy of Mose R.

What is your favorite part of working at Marriott?

My favorite part of working for Marriott is the opportunity to travel and explore different states and hopefully countries around the globe. [By traveling] I’ve been able to develop my knowledge in the Food & Beverage sector and am very proud to be able to use my sommelier skills to give each guest a unique experience. I’m grateful to be part of such a great team of professionals who strive to make every stay a memorable one.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

A good day at work for me is when I get to be on the floor with my associates and support them for whatever they need. They help us gauge our guests and get to know them on a personal level so that we can accommodate their needs during their stay.

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