Marriott Butler
Courtesy of JT.

Name: JT
Position: Butler
Hotel: Sanctuary Cap Cana
Dream destination: Cancún
Drink or treat of choice: Red wine

When you visit a luxury resort on your honeymoon you want to feel relaxed, pampered, and let’s admit it, spoiled. From the front desk agents to the servers at the restaurants or room service team, every hospitality worker is well-versed in how to prioritize the guest experience — but probably no one is more responsible for making the guests feel extra special than the butlers at luxury hotels.

JT, a butler at the adults-only Sanctuary Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic is the perfect example of a motivated individual who takes his duties to new heights to make unforgettable memories for his guests.

“I love working with a fun, collaborative, and passionate team that shares my passion for serving customers,” says JT. “I enjoy the fact that we are all committed to the brand’s mission and working together to provide the best possible guest experience.”

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As a butler, JT works closely with the guests to manage any requests they might have with a high caliber of care and attentiveness. One of those fortunate guests was Marriott associate Mike, a Senior Manager of Associate Communications at HQ in Bethesda, who recently visited the beach resort with his new wife on their honeymoon.

Marriott Butler

Courtesy of JT.

“After all of the logistics of planning our wedding, we were so wiped that we didn’t have too much of a plan for our honeymoon and JT did an incredible job as our butler proactively suggesting things to make our trip more special,” Mike says. “He actively suggested ways that he and the hotel could make our time even more special, like dinner reservations, time at the spa, or excursions. He also did above and beyond gestures like filling the room with rose petals and ordering us breakfast in bed one morning.”

Even beyond those gestures, Mike was touched by JT’s warmth and overall thoughtfulness throughout their stay at this hotel surrounded by 30,000 acres of pristine white-sand beaches.

“He was constantly making his rounds throughout the property checking in. Whether it was a smile, a greeting, or a story, he was always willing to spend time with us as guests,” Mike recalls. “He would also message us at hours that were surely outside his schedule to check in and make suggestions for the next day. It made us feel like we were his utmost priority at all times.”

For Mike, the welcoming vibes and generosity of the entire staff made their honeymoon at this Spanish colonial-inspired resort unforgettable and beyond their expectations. Before they left, they even took a minute to take a picture with JT, who ended up becoming one of the unexpected highlights of their romantic trip.

Marriott Butler

Courtesy of Mike C.

“JT clearly fits the culture of the hotel, and it shows why he has excelled there over the years. I really valued hearing his story of personal growth, he is a model employee,” Mike says.

JT started as a concierge at the Magna Punta Cana resort back in December of 2014. “I spent a year in that position, then one of the managers saw my potential and offered me the Butler position,” he remembers.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic the hotel had to close, but they called him back four months after the hotel reopened, offering him a front desk position. He accepted and after six months at the front desk they offered him the Butler position as soon as that service was back.

“Marriott has changed my career because I have learned a lot of things from all departments,” says JT. “This experience has helped me to develop professionally and to mature as a person.”

Learn more about how JT makes the most of his job and the guests’ experiences, in his own words below.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Being surrounded by lots of happy guests and associates who love what they do. I love seeing guest’s satisfaction when we give them a first-class experience. What motivates me is the opportunity to learn and grow every day, both professionally and personally.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

When everything goes as planned, or even if there are unexpected situations, when all the associates are working together to achieve our goals. It’s when we strive to make our guests feel at home and when they go back home with a full smile. A good day at work is also when I communicate well with other workers and use my emotional intelligence to understand and meet the needs of guests.

Marriott Butler

Courtesy of JT.

How would you describe the culture?

It is a world of opportunities where we can grow personally and at a work level.

Favorite part of working at the hotel?

It’s not a job, it’s more of a lifestyle. My favorite part is the community and the sense of family. I love working with a fun, collaborative, and passionate team that shares my passion for serving customers. I enjoy the fact that we are all committed to the brand’s mission and working together to provide the best possible guest experience.

What was your interview process like? Any tips for candidates who want a role like yours?

It was entertaining, easy, and focused on the person. My advice is to always tell the truth no matter what.

Describe a moment you felt supported in your role.

The times that they have given me opportunities for professional growth have been a very significant moment for me. Since my first day, my managers have always made me feel like an important member of the hotel family, and that unconditional support has helped me grow as a professional.

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