marriott internship - lockett
Courtesy of Lockett R.

Name: Lockett R.
Position: Global Tech Fellow
School: Cornell University
Dream destination: Argentina
Drink or treat of choice: Diet Coke

Marriott’s HQ Fellowship/Internship Program allows Marriott to grow in organic ways with each generation, as the interns and fellows bring in fresh eyes and ideas every summer. These ideas are particularly welcome in a place like Marriott’s Global Technology department, where they are constantly looking for new ways to marry new tech and travel. This department is where you can find fellows and interns like Lockett, a graduate student from Cornell University (Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano’s alma mater!) who’s enthusiastic about all the possibilities that come with hospitality innovation.

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“There is an enormous opportunity for advancement when it comes to technology and hospitality,” says Lockett, who’s spending her summer fellowship with the product management team. “Post-pandemic there is a tremendous opportunity for travel and hospitality companies to focus on improving their technology and supporting processes to advance the associate and guest experience, thus driving overall profit and market reputation.”

marriott internship - lockett

Courtesy of Lockett R.

Lockett has always had her eyes set on Marriott. Like many of Cornell University’s Nolan School of Hotel Administration students, she was aware of the opportunities made available to her as a fellow.

“I was attracted to Marriott because it was a place where I could further my passion for hospitality,” says Lockett, who worked for tour operators before grad school. “When seeking a summer internship, I was looking for a company where I could advance professionally within the industry while also being appropriately challenged.”

Learn more about Lockett’s journey in her own words, below.

What makes Marriott stand out from other companies in the tech field?

While I do not think of Marriott as a “tech” company per se, I think that as the largest hospitality company in the world it is incumbent on Marriott to prioritize technology. Over the last few weeks, I have been really impressed by how the company is placing tech at the forefront, consistently seeking ways in which the associate and guest experience can be not only modernized, but also made more personalized and intuitive. Furthermore, you feel very close to the user working in tech at Marriott, which is not something that can be said for every tech company.

marriott internship - lockett

Courtesy of Lockett R.

Do you think there are any myths regarding the tech field that need to be broken?

I think one of the myths is that you need to be a coder or engineer to go into tech. Tech was invented by humans, so it is fundamentally intuitive, and people focused, which most individuals (including myself!) do not realize until they work in it.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to Japan in December upon graduation from my program. Very excited to explore and learn from my amazing Japanese classmates/friends who will be touring us around!

marriott internship - lockett

Courtesy of Lockett R.

Why Marriott?

Ultimately, I chose the Marriott HQ Fellowship/Internship Program over other opportunities because I felt this was the smartest choice for me professionally, given my prior experience and master’s program. Additionally, I was drawn to Marriott because of the people. I think it is unusual yet special that so many individuals have spent 10 (or more) years working here and seemingly remain both happy and challenged!

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