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“Dream so big it scares you. Then, dream bigger.’

Those are the words of Marriott’s Global Technology Officer Naveen Manga, speaking to a room of about 100 associates on the 7th floor of the hospitality giant’s newly minted Corporate Headquarters in Bethesda as they’re about to embark on a 48-hour coding blitz. Or a code fest, if you will.

See, Marriott isn’t just at the forefront of the hotel and service industry, but just as much a leader in the travel technology space — thanks to the hardworking teams in that room (and those joining virtually, too, of course). One of the ways Marriott is cementing its standing in the industry is through fostering and facilitating creativity, collaboration and innovation — AKA, hosting events like Codefest.

As Naveen said, the associates are encouraged to dream — and specifically, to solve, design and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

“Our mission in Global Technology is to build products that customers love,” Naveen said, of course referencing Marriott’s quintessential customer — the traveler — but also speaking to the hotel associate, working through our systems daily, and additional power users of Marriott products.

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Just ask Peggy Roe, Marriott’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer and the person who oversees all of Marriott’s global consumer strategy. She charged the Codefest crew with a clear, inspiring message: “Let’s make it happen, and show this industry what we can do.”

Armed with seemingly endless snacks, matching shirts and a distinct buzz of excitement, the engineers will code, collaborate and create until the end of the Codefest when they’ll have the opportunity to present their project to a panel of judges. Cool prizes have been promised.

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Now, we can’t go into any more detail because we must keep those trade secrets, well, secret, but suffice it to say this event is standard practice with the innovative and collaborative Marriott Global Tech team — or, as VP of Technology Rajesh Nair put it: “The best technology team in the history of hospitality.”

Looking for a career in technology? Excited to transform the world of travel and hospitality? Good news: We’re hiring.