marriott global tech intern story
Courtesy of Manushi S.

Name: Manushi S.
Position: Global Tech Fellow
University: Rutgers University
Dream destination: I want to go on a month-long Europe architecture tour, with one of the destinations being Italy. I’m fascinated by its culture, ancient history, stunning architecture, and the amazing food. I would love to explore the cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome and would not miss out on the chance to visit some of the most iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and the Pantheon.
Drink or treat of choice: I love tea, “chai tea” as it’s referred to in the U.S. I grew up in India and that was the drink that is the most popular drink in the country. It’s full of spices and has a great flavor. And it’s a great way to start the day off right. I also love milkshakes and ice cream.

Ask anybody how they spend their free time, and you’re likely to get expected (and kind of boring) responses like reading, working out, or catching the latest TV show on Netflix — but not from Manushi.

“I love to paint and draw. I like to draw landscapes and nature on canvas. I feel so alive when I have colors and brushes in my hand. It’s my way of expressing my feelings, my thoughts and my emotions,” says Manushi — and that’s not all.

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“I also love growing vegetables in my kitchen garden. Every summer, we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeños, peppers, chilies, mint, eggplant, basil and strawberries,” says Manushi, who’s currently pursuing her master’s in business and science at Rutgers University in New Jersey. “I am also passionate about travel. I enjoy exploring new places and capturing them into frames. I love to meet new people and getting to know their culture, heritage, perspectives and their desires always fascinates me more and I feel it the best way to learn from other’s life stories.”

So, how did this artist, gardener, globetrotter and grad student find her way to Marriott? Oh, we forgot to mention she’s an architect, too.

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

“I got an opportunity to work on residential, recreational and commercial projects from the landscape, interior design and product design perspective,” says Manushi, who worked for an Indian architecture firm for four years before moving to the States, where she pivoted to UX and product design.

Then one day, she came across the Marriott HQ Fellowship/Internship Program.

“My husband shared this job posting on LinkedIn with me. I looked at it, and it perfectly aligns with my interests, my experience, and it helps to pivot my career in technology along with design,” says Manushi. “This opportunity is the steppingstone for my career, and it will lead me to achieve my future goals.”

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

Manushi spent the summer interning with Marriott’s Global Tech organization, and immediately following the conclusion of her fellowship in August, Manushi was brought on as a part-time associate focused on Global Technology and Design.

Learn more about what drew Manushi to the program, and how she spent her summer as a Marriott Global Tech intern.

What made the company a good fit for your skills and interests?

I have always stayed in different Marriott properties, and I have always had unique experiences during my stay. I never thought one day I would get a chance to work for this company. I was delighted to apply and that I got a chance to be part of this Global Tech Fellows program. This opportunity could provide me with a platform to use my technical skills, creativity and innovation to build a better tomorrow. Taking this opportunity will help me to develop my career in technology and design.

Moreover, the culture of Marriott is the best fit for me; the working environment and company culture is encouraging and inspiring.

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

Why did you pick a Marriott Internship over all the other options available?

The opportunity with Marriott was a very unique one that was presented to me. It allowed me to utilize my architecture skills from my bachelor’s degree and professional experience as well as business and information technology skills from my graduate studies. Through this program, I was able to explore various areas within the hospitality industry.

What was the most exciting thing you did in your Marriott Global Tech internship?

If I have to pick the most exciting thing, I would select the opportunity to help improve the design review process as the first one. The tour of various hotels and getting to know the ins and outs of how they function was a very fulfilling and exciting experience. Another very exciting moment was when we had the ice-cream reception with Marriott CEO, meeting with him and having the conversation was a dream come true.

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

What do you think is unique about the tech field in hospitality?

With the increasing demand for more efficient hospitality services, technology has become an integral part of how hospitality services are delivered. With the use of modern technologies, businesses can create more personalized services, automate mundane tasks, reduce operational costs and increase customer engagement. This has led to a booming industry in the hospitality field which combines the power of technology with the human touch of hospitality.

In your eyes, what makes Marriott stand out from other companies in the tech field?

I am very passionate about travel and have traveled to more than five countries in the past two years. During my travel I had the opportunity to stay at various different hotel chains, and one thing that stood out to me was the ease of doing business with Marriott. I could simply book a room, make any special requests and with digital key and contactless check-in it felt like just walking into my second home. Even though other companies have similar experiences those are not as fluid and smooth. This very well-rounded integration and use of technology made Marriott stand out as a leader in comparison to others in the industry.

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

Do you think there are any myths regarding the tech field that need to be broken?

Yes, there is a perception that AI can solve everything and it will take away jobs. I think AI is just another tool that will aid in making current jobs simpler and help create more opportunities. I don’t think AI on its own can solve all the issues, but when paired with human intelligence and put to use for good causes, it has the potential to have a very positive impact on society.

Additionally, another myth that needs to be broken is that women are not as good as men at tech. This is completely false, as women have proven to be extremely capable in the tech field and can do anything a man can do.

What do you think the impact of being a Marriott Global Tech intern had on your career?

The fellowship gave me the opportunity to meet the leaders of the industry, learn from their experience, and network with them. These leaders have become mentors who have guided me on several occasions and have helped me to understand the industry better. The experience has also made me more confident in my skills and capabilities, and I now have a better understanding of the kind of work I want to pursue in my future.

marriott global tech intern story

Courtesy of Manushi S.

What’s next for you?

I have thoroughly enjoyed solving the challenges I was presented with during my internship, and I would like to see those implemented for the enterprise. I would like to continue with Marriott and work with my amazing leaders and co-workers who taught me a lot of new and important things that will help me shape my career. I am also interested in pursuing a career that would combine my interests in technology, business and hospitality. I am open to exploring various opportunities and look forward to where the journey will take me.

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