marriott sales executive career story
Courtesy of Odyssey A.

Name: Odyssey A.
Position: Senior Sales Executive
Location: Marriott Marquis Washington, DC
Dream destination: The Maldives
Drink or treat of choice: Fantastic draft root beer! Sweetwater [in DC] has the best selection on tap

According to Odyssey, a sales executive at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC, Marriott is a company for learners. Since she began her Marriott journey behind the Front Desk at the Courtyard Manassas Battlefield Park in Virginia, she quickly learned that at Marriott she could try and experience different positions, hotels, and departments, which led her to grow both personally and professionally.

“I have been able to take on roles and responsibilities that were out of my usual realm to learn new things. That is my favorite part about Marriott,” Odyssey says. “Every role I’ve taken has given me an opportunity to learn something new whether it was relevant to my role at the time or to my future growth.”

Following promotion after promotion — from Front Desk to Bistro attendant, Front Desk Supervisor, Event Specialist, and Destination Sales Executive — Odyssey landed her current role as Senior Sales Executive. In this position, she focuses on building strong relationships with clients and potential clients to bring business to the hotel and maximize revenue opportunities. “I have loved every step of the way and am excited for this new adventure!”

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Back in 2017, after a previous manager suggested it as a great way to connect with the LGBTQ+ community at work, Odyssey joined the LGBTQ+|ONE Associate Resource Group (ARG). Looking back, she now sees how being part of that group has also played a significant role in her personal and professional development.

marriott sales executive career story

Courtesy of Odyssey A.

“On a personal level, it’s provided a fantastic support network. Connecting with colleagues who share similar experiences has fostered a sense of belonging and community within the workplace. This sense of belonging has definitely boosted my confidence,” she says. “Professionally, the ARG has been instrumental in my growth. Through participating in meetings and events, I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people who have been integral in my early growth within the company and [taught me] to develop my personal brand. People who have always been my best cheerleaders when I go for a new role and continue to support me when I have been looking for ways to further develop my skills in sales.”

Learn more about Odyssey’s career and how the LGBTQ+ | ONE ARG has helped her find support, connection, and fun at work.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Marriott is all about leveling up your skills! They offer a ton of cool digital training, so you can become a hospitality pro on your own schedule. Want to master guest service or become a pro in a new department? No problem! They’ve got your back. At Marriott, you’re the captain of your career ship, and they’ll provide the training to help you navigate it. This learning focus means their crew is always on point, delivering epic experiences for guests.

marriott sales executive career story

Courtesy of Odyssey A.

What advice do you have for those interested in working at Marriott?

Three short words: take the leap. Landing a dream job at Marriott International can be an exciting step in your hospitality career! To make a stellar impression, take some time to explore their diverse brand portfolio and identify a role that aligns with your passions.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

My proudest moment was when the Fairview Park Marriott came out of a full public space renovation, and I was looking to secure more bookings to help recover from the meeting space being closed during renovation. I was able to book three multiyear programs within 90 days and assist with securing 800,000 dollars in sales in one quarter.

marriott sales executive career story

Courtesy of Odyssey A.

How has being part of LGBTQ+|ONE group enriched your Marriott experience?

Being part of the ARG has been a fantastic experience. It’s a supportive network where I can connect with colleagues who share similar experiences and perspectives. Plus, participating in the annual Pride Parade is always a highlight – it’s a powerful way to celebrate inclusivity and diversity within our company and the community.

How do you think this group contributes to fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace?

LGBTQ+ | ONE is more than just an associate resource group; it’s a vibrant community that fosters a sense of belonging for LGBTQ+ employees and allies alike. The ARG’s very existence normalizes LGBTQ+ identities within the company, making it easier for employees to be open about themselves.

marriott sales executive career story

Courtesy of Odyssey A.

What are your future goals within the Associate Resource Group, and how do you plan to continue contributing?

I’m incredibly passionate about the positive impact LGBTQ+ | ONE has, and I’m eager to contribute on a deeper level. My future goal within the ARG is to take on a leadership role. I envision using my skills and experience to organize more initiatives that foster inclusivity and connection within the LGBTQ+ community at work. Specifically, I’m interested in leading efforts to expand our reach and connect with LGBTQ+ colleagues across different markets. I also see a great opportunity to create volunteer opportunities that allow us to give back to the LGBTQ+ community and demonstrate the positive impact our ARG has externally too. These initiatives not only strengthen our internal network but also showcase our commitment to diversity and inclusion within the company.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I am ALWAYS using the Marriott Explore Rate. I try to go on a weekend trip at least once a month or every other month. My most recent Explore Rate adventure was to New York! I was able to get a hotel room at the Explore Rate one block from Times Square!

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