Ana F&B Tbilisi
Courtesy of Ana I.

Name: Ana I.
Position: Food & Beverage Supervisor
Hotel: Tbilisi Marriott Hotel
Dream destination: I would love to travel to see the wonders of the world and get to know all the different cultures.
Drink or treat of choice: Georgian wine, Georgian wine, and Georgian wine. Always.

Ana was working as a server at the 5-star Tbilisi Marriott Hotel in the Georgian capital when her manager noticed her enthusiasm and potential and offered her to join Marriott’s local development program in Tbilisi.

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“He knew that I loved this industry from the beginning and how much I cared about each and every one of the guests,” she says. “Then he told me I was going to be the first person doing this training program in Georgia. I felt seen and heard as a professional.”

Ana F&B Tbilisi

Courtesy of Ana I.

As part of the development program, Ana was able to do cross-departmental training at the four Marriott hotels in Georgia’s capital city, a city known for its hospitality, mountain views, and wine culture. Ana now holds a position as a Food & Beverage Supervisor at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel.

“My main job is taking care of five different restaurants and bars at the hotel, the servers and barmen,” says Ana, who was recently announced as Europe Junior Business Member, giving her the opportunity to hear about other colleagues’ experiences first-hand. “Also, meeting guests’ expectations and needs.”

Learn more about Ana’s journey and future goals in her own words, below.

How would you describe your experience as a Marriott associate?

It has been very interesting so far. I love that every single day is different, and it hasn’t turned into a routine. You never know what is going to happen at the beginning of your shift and that’s what makes it so interesting!

Ana F&B Tbilisi

Courtesy of Ana I.

What has been the most impactful moment of your Marriott experience?

The moment I decided that I had to step down from my training program. I was offered to be a supervisor in the Food & Beverage department and, at first, it was hard for me to decide since I didn’t know what would benefit my career more. But accepting the supervisor job and having the experience of being in charge and in the leadership position that I’m in now, I can definitely see how much it has improved my career.

Describe a moment you felt like a part of a community at Marriott.

When I first stepped into a Marriott hotel when I was 16 years old. The most surprising thing was how every single person was saying “hallo” to me. Even people who didn’t know me then, and even older people. That made me feel like part of a community.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

I love how much it is oriented to associates. They put people first, this is the number one priority, and it is very appreciated. I love Associates Appreciation Week, when we have the opportunity to be our true selves and to get to know each other well. The culture is based on love and personal connections.

When have you felt supported at Marriott?

When I injured my hand working at the bar everyone gathered around me to help. The safety and security team took great care of me, and everyone was very sweet asking about my hand. The next day, engineers came and checked where I was injured and did not leave the place before [making sure] it was safe. It is about these simple things that make you feel supported and special.

Ana F&B Tbilisi

Courtesy of Ana I.

What is your favorite part of the job?

When my direct manager acknowledges my work. Also, when my associates say “Thank you for being there” at the end of the shift. And when I get small gifts or handwritten notes from guests as a sign of their appreciation.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

When I don’t even have time to take a break. As weird as it sounds, I love it when everyone is very busy!

Ana F&B Tbilisi

Courtesy of Ana I.

How have you made the most out of your early career experience?

I feel that now that I have a better understanding of how different departments work, I appreciate everyone’s work more. Also, I don’t worry anymore about things that would take me so much time in the past. It just helped me connect the dots, just like solving a mystery.

What’s next for you at Marriott?

I hope this experience helps me reach high leadership roles soon and on an international level.

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