Marriott Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA career story
Courtesy of Claudia G.

Position: Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA
Location: Dominican Republic
Dream Destination: Iceland and Greece are on my bucket list!
Drink or treat of choice: A nice glass of wine

Don’t they say the only constant in life is change? For Claudia, Director of Digital + Technology Transformation in the Caribbean & Latin America (CALA), change has been not only a constant but a driving force in her career. Since she started her Marriott journey with a part time role at a reservations center while she was still in college, to the leadership position she holds today, Claudia has changed cities, countries, departments and levels of leadership. The best part? She enjoyed every step of the way.

“I have been able to travel across Latin America, supporting multiple types of hotels and destinations, I have lived in different countries across Latin America which has helped me grow professionally and personally,” Claudia says. “[The most exciting thing is that] the company is always evolving and growing, there is always something new to learn.”

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With curiosity and a passion for evolving, Claudia has made the most of the learning opportunities she’s had at Marriott throughout her more than 10 years in the company.

Marriott Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA career story

Courtesy of Claudia G.

“Marriott has been integral to my professional development. It has given me the opportunities for training in multiple disciplines, travel, participation in accelerating programs such as ELP (Emerging Leader Program), connections with a very diverse group of stakeholders and the flexibility to decide where I want to be based,” she says.

It is those opportunities, the exciting projects she’s been a part of, and the different departments she’s been able to experience that make her want to keep going. “This all motivates me to continue my journey with Marriott and to feel that I am contributing to the growth and success of the company.”

Learn more about Claudia’s evolution and growth within Marriott in her own words below.

What was your first Marriott role and how did you get to a leadership position in Tech?

I joined the Reservation Center as a part time associate while I was finishing college. Once I graduated, I moved to a full-time job in reservations. After a couple of years, I moved to Sales and then spent the following 11 years in Revenue Management. I started as a supervisor in that department and eventually became an Area Director for Revenue Management. In 2020, I became a Director of Distribution, a new discipline completely new to me, where I had to learn and adjust my skills. In 2023 I transitioned to the Digital + Tech Transformation team where I am currently supporting enhancements that are part of a broader, strategic journey to evolve Marriott’s digital ecosystem.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

The company was built on strong foundations. Those original values have been transmitted across different generations. Marriott is constantly evolving, adapting to change, adopting new technologies and welcoming diverse groups without losing the core values.

Marriott Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA career story

Courtesy of Claudia G.

Speaking of core values, which of Marriott’s values resonate most with you?

Serve the world. I really feel proud to see how Marriott contributes to our local communities and is always willing to support the people, from collecting garbage on the beaches to helping seniors in nursing homes. This is something that has taught me to be more aware of how I can help my community and represent the company through that.

When have you felt part of a community at Marriott?

As a proud Mexican, I am really happy to be part of our Hispanic ARG. Here we have a support community where we can learn from other cultures and disciplines. Webinars and other resources are provided to focus on our development while providing good times sharing amongst fellow Spanish speakers.

Marriott Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA career story

Courtesy of Claudia G.

Favorite part of working at Marriott?

Flexibility. I work from home, which allows me to strike a healthy work-life balance. I am also able to take advantage of our Marriott Explore rate which allows me to experience our wonderful properties around the globe.

When have you felt supported at Marriott?

The first time I moved from Mexico City to Costa Rica, my new General Manager, the direct supervisor and coworkers were all a great support during the transition to a new country and culture.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Being able to work in the transition of our All Inclusive portfolio, I had to learn and adapt to new systems, strategies and partners to provide recommendations and create procedures. I received an international Marriott award for my efforts which was a great recognition.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Being able to create an impact for our hotels, either by providing training, top line guidance or just by simplifying the procedures for them.

What would be your best tips for any candidates interested in working for Marriott?

This is a great company that provides a lot of opportunities for professional growth. Marriott has been my first and only employer and I could not imagine working anywhere else.

Marriott Director of Digital + Technology Transformation, CALA career story

Courtesy of Claudia G.

What has been the most impactful moment of your Marriott experience?

When I was able to successfully finish the integration project with Starwood. Our region had a smooth transition that was the result of a lot of hard work, collaboration among different teams and everyone being open to change.

Have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I have used it multiple times across different countries. My best memories are in Egypt, Valle Sagrado (Peru) and in our All Inclusive hotels.

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