hotel marketing specialist career story
Courtesy of Natalia B.

Name: Natalia B.
Position: Marketing Specialist
Location: Sheraton Sopot Hotel in Poland
Dream destination: First on the list of my next dream travel destinations is Japan with its fascinating heritage, Romania and all the beautiful castles, and Mexico during Día de los Muertos.
Drink or treat of choice: Any form of dark chocolate dessert!

As a Marketing Specialist at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel, a five-star beachfront resort on Poland’s Baltic coastline, Natalia spends her days building partnerships and community — the same skills that helped her land her first role with Marriott.

While in high school and for some of college, Natalia had a summer job working on the beachfront of her current hotel. During that summer job, she’d also lend a hand in the restaurants and banquets as needed. She later completed an internship at the same hotel, which led to her first full-time role in the marketing department.

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“My manager contacted me when a position in her team opened and asked if I would like to apply for it,” says Natalia. “For people applying not only for a position like mine, but for any job, I highly recommend any kind of internship and projects in your potential or dream workplace. During that time, you get to know the place, and you get to introduce yourself to your possible future employer.”

Now, Natalia manages social media accounts and engages in content creation, graphic design, copywriting, and PR campaigns for the hotel. She also organizes events for clients, guests, media, associates, and the local community.

hotel marketing specialist career story

Courtesy of Natalia B.

“I am very lucky and privileged that for the first years of my career, I found myself in an environment that welcomed me warmly, cared about my development, and challenged me. From the first day, and during my internship, I felt that my opinions count, my ideas are valued, and my arguments are taken into account.”

Natalia is an advocate not only for guests, clients, and media — but also for future associates. One of her proudest career moments was organizing the Career Open Day, an opportunity for local schools and hospitality universities to visit the hotel and learn about different departments, disciplines, and roles.

“I am so proud of this project because not so long ago, I was in the same position as these students, and I was able to talk to them and encourage them to try new paths of development, consider a career in hospitality, and take advantage of all opportunities they may have.”

hotel marketing specialist career story

Courtesy of Natalia B.

In addition to engaging guests, media, and associates, Natalia also fosters Marriott’s “people-first” culture through her participation in several of the company’s Associate Resource Groups (ARGs), including the Young Professionals ARG, Black ARG, Asian American and Pacific Islander ARG, LGBTQ+ ARG, and the Women’s ARG, where she is on the communications committee.

“I was motivated to join the ARGs through my desire to co-create and have an impact on my workplace,” says Natalia. “Thanks to the ARGs, I have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people from all over the world, learn, and be inspired by their stories so I can have more impact on my workplace. I was able to hear different voices within the company and feel a sense of belonging to this huge network.”

Read more about Natalia’s pursuit of connections and community below.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I can’t decide on one thing. I love creating a community around the hotel, and organizing gatherings and events where that community can come together. I love that I can talk to our guests and create their memories and experiences. I love that I can directly interact with our community by writing to them on social media or meeting them in the hotel lobby. I love knowing that I can make somebody happy, bring them joy, and put a smile on their face.

hotel marketing specialist career story

Courtesy of Natalia B.

What does a good day at work look like for you?

A good day at work is when there is a lot going on. When I’m in the middle of interesting projects and events where I can work with other departments and interact with our community.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Positive and warm. You can feel the sense of belonging. You feel valued and respected.

hotel marketing specialist career story

Courtesy of Natalia B.

How do you think the ARG has contributed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace?

The ARGs give us a chance to have more impact on our workplace. It gives us a platform where we can talk and engage with each other. It gives us a chance to find a person we can relate to or be inspired by. It enables us to hear different voices within the company and try to understand one another.

What are your future goals within the Associate Resource Group, and how do you plan to continue contributing?

To inspire and be inspired by others; to give others a space for self-development. To meet colleagues from all over the world and to make it easier to find stories and people to talk to and exchange experiences with. To give our associate a sense of belonging to this huge network.

hotel marketing specialist career story

Courtesy of Natalia B.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I use Marriott Bonvoy and the Marriott Explore Rate during my travels, but not only for the discount. Sometimes Marriott Bonvoy serves as inspiration to travel to a particular place or hotel.

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