marriott accountant career story
Courtesy of Susie X.

Name: Susie X.
Position: Senior Manager, Financial Analysis & Business Support
Location: Marriott HQ in Bethesda, Maryland
Dream destination: I have finally visited Italy and fallen in love with the arts, architecture, and food. My dream destination is more European countries that are full of diverse history, arts, cultures, and delicious food.
Drink or treat of choice: I love all kinds of tea – whether it’s traditional tea from China or flavored tea bags like a Chamomile Peach or other flavor.

Originally from China, Susie first came to live in the U.S. when she went to graduate school in Hawaii — and she fell in love with the Hawaiian culture and “her second hometown” almost instantly.

“I loved the people and everything Hawaiian – the perennial giant flowers, cooing pigeons, warm and hula-loving locals, the breeze and sunset on the beach and Aloha spirit,” says Susie.

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The vibrancy and community Susie found while in Hawaii are characteristics that she’s grateful to be able to continue to witness while being a part of Marriott.

After graduate school and “a short stint at a CPA firm,” Susie came to Marriott as a Senior Staff Accountant in Information Resources. From that first position, Susie has experienced a handful of different roles and departments, from Brand Management to Global Operations to Global Revenue Management — and seemingly everything in between.

“I have been fortunate to have been exposed to and supported many different areas within Marriott,” says Susie. “As Marriott has evolved throughout the years, I am very proud to have witnessed and been part of the amazing journey to become the largest and most vibrant hospitality company in the world.”

Susie’s role as Senior Manager, Financial Analysis & Business Support means that her main responsibilities include supporting and maintaining standard finance processes, liaising for Marriott Business Services, enhancing finance processes to drive efficiencies and contribute to company objectives and more.

marriott accountant career story

Courtesy of Susie X.

Susie is also a member of Marriott’s Asian Pacific Islander Associate Resource Group, where she’s found community and been able to connect with other associates of different backgrounds.

“I am so happy to have landed at Marriott,” says Susie. “This is a company that truly puts people first and endeavors to make to make the world a better place through its many sustainability programs.”

Learn more about Susie’s experience, in her own words, below.

What advice would you give someone with a similar background to you, who is looking to make a change in their life or career?

Be brave and don’t set limits in chasing after your dream; you will be surprised with how far you can go when it’s grounded by hard work, good people skills and keen interest in new learnings.

Why did you join the API ARG?

I joined the API ARG to help with networking, learning from others in the organization of similar backgrounds, gaining new knowledge from their experiences and career development. With the hybrid model, this offers a great opportunity to connect with friends and meet new people.

What has been a challenge for you, as a member of the API community – whether from your childhood or even now as you navigate adult life?

As part of my upbringing, it’s important to be modest and avoid drawing attention. This means that I need to remind myself at times to overcome the tendency to keep quiet but be outspoken and outgoing to establish my image and gain exposure.

marriott accountant career story

Courtesy of Susie X.

Tell us about a moment when you felt supported by Marriott.

There have been many moments when I feel supported by Marriott, for sure. During the depth of the pandemic, the concern for the future loomed heavily on me. I still remember reading the messages from Marriott leaders that sent a wave of confidence and compassion to me. The different measures taken to overcome the financial difficulty at the time — shorted work week or furlough, along with hard work from everyone — not only helped Marriott pull through the hard times but also made me feel supported and that we are all in it together to survive and thrive.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

My family’s love to travel has been greatly facilitated by the wonderful Marriott Explore Rate. We have enjoyed the holiday rates especially where it took us to lots of dream vacations during holidays — from Disney to Caribbean and Italian getaways. Every trip has been filled with experiences with different Marriott brands and hotels – the beautiful hotels and friendly staff all prove time and again why Marriott has such an appeal to millions of people – as guests, associates, or partners.

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