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In case you aren’t familiar with Voyage, it’s our award-winning global leadership development program for recent college graduates. The program, which is typically 12 months in the U.S. (though it can run longer) and Canada and can be up to 18 months internationally, places participants (dubbed Voyagers) in hotels around the world to receive hands-on experience and training.

→ An Overview of Marriott’s U.S. and Canada Voyage Program
→ Interview Advice & Tips for Hopeful Voyage Applicants

Interested in applying? With the help of two Marriott experts, we’ve crafted a guide to the U.S. and Canada’s Voyage application and interview process. Experts:

  • Sarah D’Angelo, Director, Talent Acquisition + University Recruitment
  • Michael Wiszowaty, Senior Manager, University Relations + Recruiting

Take a look below so you can know what to expect as you apply to be a US or CA Voyager.

What is the Marriott Voyage application process?

1. Applications Open

Michael: Voyage applications open just as the new school year kicks off (they’re open now!) and will be open until the end of April of the same academic calendar. The sooner you apply, the better — many locations and disciplines may have already been selected if you wait.

2. Apply

Michael: As soon as the applications are open, you can apply. It doesn’t take long, and you are able to apply in multiple sittings, but please ensure that you attach your resume and fill out your university on the application.

3. Record Video Interviews

Sarah: Just 15 minutes after you submit your application, you’ll receive an email prompt to complete a pre-recorded video interview, answering questions like, “why do you want to work for us?” and “what skills make you qualified for this position?” Hopefully this isn’t intimidating, but you should dress up and treat it like a real interview. Remember, we can also see your background!

4. Submit preferences for location + department

Sarah: We might not have the exact position you’re looking for in the exact location you want, so really think about — is my city of choice more important, or my department of choice? Am I flexible at all? Your initial choices aren’t set in stone — your recruiter will discuss your preferences multiple times throughout the process to ensure we’ve got the right fit for you.

5. Complete the online leadership skills assessment

Sarah: This takes about 30 minutes. We recommend doing this in a quiet place, free of distractions, and approaching the assessment as if you were already a manager.

6. Interviews

Sarah: If you’re selected to move to the next step, you’ll receive communication from that recruiter to schedule your interview — in most cases this is via email for a virtual interview. It is possible that your recruiter may be coming to your campus; in that case, you may meet them first and schedule your interview in person.

What are the Marriott Voyage interviews like?

Sarah: Marriott asks “behavioral based” interviewing questions; a strong answer typically follows the “STAR” format: Situation, Task, Action, Result. During the interview, you can also talk in more detail about your preferences for department and location.

marriott voyage program

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How long does the whole Voyage hiring and interview process take?

Sarah: If you follow the guidance of your recruiter and complete all steps in a timely manner, you could complete the whole process within two weeks! Technically, you could get an offer during your senior year well in advance of your graduation date, which feels good knowing that you have a job lined up and can truly enjoy being a senior, rather than having to scramble to get a job around your graduation date.

What happens when a candidate is selected to be a Marriott Voyager?

Michael: Congratulations! If you have been selected to become a Marriott Voyager, you are joining an elite program that will help you accelerate your Marriott career! Once you are offered a position as a Voyager you will be placed in the discipline and location that you had discussed with your recruiter throughout your interview process. Depending upon your start date, you will be connected with your property leader to go over any property logistics and timelines before your first day. If you’re relocating for Voyage, you’ll be connected with Marriott’s relocation team to help move your belongings to your new city. Lastly, you will be connected with other Voyagers in your city, so that you can start building your new Marriott network!

When do applications close?

Sarah: We take applications throughout the fall semester, and generally, if you’re ready, it’s recommended that you apply early. Positions are discussed and offered on a rolling basis, so your “dream job” may not be available if you wait to apply. We do take a brief pause during winter break, so know if you apply in December, you likely won’t receive an interview until January. We continue interviews throughout the spring semester, with our last interviews and offers going out usually in April.

If a candidate isn’t accepted into the program, do you recommend they apply again next year?

Michael: Absolutely! There could be many reasons why you would not have been accepted into the Marriott Voyage Program. The first thing is to not be discouraged by this. Upon discovering that you were not selected for Voyage, your Recruiting Manager will have notified you letting you know. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain more experience in the hospitality field to strengthen your resume. You can apply next year as long as your undergrad graduation was not more than two years prior.
→ Voyage Applications Are Open! Apply for Marriott’s Prestigious Leadership Development Program