marriott hiring process - photo of two associates talking at marriott hq hotel
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Here at Marriott, we put people first (it’s one of our core values, after all) and that starts with our hiring process. We want you to feel informed, prepared and set up for success. Here, you can learn more about how we hire at Marriott, as well as some insider tips and advice for navigating the process.

How do I find open Marriott jobs?

With more than 8,000 properties around the world, we have a lot of opportunities for job seekers at all levels of their career. Search for jobs here to see all our open positions and apply for the role (or roles!) that are the best fit for your experience and interests. You can search for job keywords, filter based on your location (or for remote-specific opportunities), peruse positions in multiple job families, and even apply for more than one position.

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Another great way to hear about open positions at Marriott is to sign up for an account so you can personalize your job preferences (location, types of roles, etc) and receive email notifications any time a new role is posted that meets your specifications.

Insider Tip: As you’re searching for open roles, be sure that your background and experience align to the job(s) for which you’re applying, and that both your resume and application highlight those qualifications.

What is the job application process for Marriott?

Once you click apply on a Marriott job, you’ll be taken to the application for that specific position. After filling out all the necessary information, click submit. Then your application gets sent to Marriott’s Talent Acquisition team. Depending on the region, property, and job function for which you applied, your application will be reviewed by one of our recruiting experts.

If your experience is a good fit for what we need in that position, we’ll reach out to you to set up an initial conversation.

Insider Tip: “Know the specific brand for which you’re applying and familiarize yourself with the hotel itself and the local community,” says Tracy Forrest, Marriott’s Vice President of Global Executive Talent Acquisition, Recruiting Operations & Relocation, in reference to the 30+ different Marriott hotel brands and their distinct characteristics (like JW Marriott vs. Residence Inn, for example).

marriott hiring process - photo of two associates talking at marriott hq hotel

Kelly Loss Photography

What is the hiring process for Marriott?

The Phone Screen

If after reviewing your application our recruiting pros find that your experience and qualifications align with those needed for the role, they’ll reach out to you to schedule an initial conversation. This convo, sometimes called a phone screen, is used to provide you with more information on the role, answer any questions, and figure out whether you’re a fit for the position. Be prepared to speak about your job history and how you meet the role’s qualifications (having your resume or notes handy is always a good idea).

Insider Tip: “Show your flexibility and highlight any relevant experience or knowledge you have, even if it’s not in your exact title or it’s just a personal passion,” says Anthony Redding, the HR Operations Manager at the Residence Inn Washington, DC Downtown. “That’s how you get jobs in this industry — it’s based a lot on your talent and what your experiences are, but it’s mostly about what you’re willing to learn and if you’re willing to grow and be open.”

The Interviews

Depending on the position, the next step in the Marriott hiring process is one or several interviews. The questions asked in these interviews will likely be behavioral, AKA the interviewer will want to hear more about your specific experience, how it might make you successful in the role, and how you react or respond in certain situations. Whether your interview(s) will be via phone, video or in-person depends on the specific details of the opportunity (but that’s a great question to ask during the initial phone screen).

Insider Tip: “Make sure you have your own questions prepared at the end of the interview to also ask the team,” says Forrest, who has over two decades’ worth of experience leading hospitality recruiting teams. “Interviewing goes both ways, and candidates are just as much interviewing us (Marriott) as we are interviewing them.”

Review Your Candidacy

As a final step, the hiring manager and team will review your answers to the interview questions as well as your qualifications and experience to determine if they’ll be extending an offer.

Insider Tip: “Always send an emailed thank you note within 24 hours of the end of the interview,” says Marriott Executive Recruiter David Martin. “It doesn’t have to be several paragraphs. You just need to make sure you let them know you are grateful for their time, and you are interested in any potential next steps. “

Who is Olivia, Marriott’s chat bot?

Olivia is Marriott’s AI recruiting assistant. Depending on your location, the chat bot may or may not appear on the Marriott careers website. She helps coordinate interviews, answer questions and share relevant info.

What is the Marriott assessment test?

This is another instance where one candidate’s experience will differ from another, but broadly speaking the Marriott assessment helps determine if a candidate’s experience and technical skillset meet the role’s requirements. In some instances, the assessment is a part of the application process, whereas for others it could occur amid the interview stages.

What should I wear to a Marriott interview?

Smart casual is always a good option when it comes to dressing for a Marriott interview. While it’s not uncommon to see some General Managers or executives in suits and formal business attire, both Marriott hotels and our headquarters are not overly formal. Also, keep in mind that some positions will provide uniforms for the role.

Insider Tip: Aim for a tidy, professional outfit that (most importantly!) makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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