a Marriott HR generalist story
Courtesy of Moshfiq A.

Name: Moshfiq M.
Position: Human Resources Generalist
Hotel: Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Dream destination: Switzerland and Turkey
Drink or treat of choice: Twix

Marriott recently announced a commitment to hire over 1,500 refugees by 2025 in the United States. Since 2016, the company has worked with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), to train and hire nearly 1,000 refugees in the United States in hospitality and workforce skills. Someone who has experienced this firsthand is Moshfiq, a human resources generalist helping new hires get onboarded at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.

Whether it’s training them in the company’s culture, helping with paperwork and personal documents, or even providing translation to his and other departments, Moshfiq is one of the first people the new hires interact with. And he loves it. When he first started working at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, he immediately felt welcomed.

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“Now I’m proud to be able to welcome new associates to this community,” he says.

a Marriott HR generalist story

Courtesy of Moshfiq M.

Before landing his role, Moshfiq received his degree in economic management in his home country of Afghanistan. He later worked in the Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO), mostly focusing on accounting and human resources. “We had projects from different organizations and embassies which we implemented. In recent years we had a project from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED),” he explains.

When the Taliban attacked and took over the country it was that organization, NED, that helped him to come to the United States. “After that, I applied for my current position, and after an interview and background check I was hired at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.”

Learn more about his unique journey in his own words below.

How would you describe your experience as an associate?

I really like my job at Marriott because I learned a lot of new things and I met multiple people from different cultures. Now I think I have found the best place to develop my skills, it feels like the Sheraton is my home.

How would you describe the work culture?

Here at Marriott, we can find different cultures from different countries with different languages, and I like it. The diversity of the staff creates an inclusive workplace.

When have you felt like a part of a community?

As soon as I started working at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, I knew I was part of a strong community and immediately felt welcomed. Since that day, the sense of community has only improved and I’m proud to be able to welcome new associates to this community.

a Marriott HR generalist story

Courtesy of Moshfiq M.

When have you felt supported?

While I was going through the process of filing for asylum, I felt supported by the company because I was able to take the time off, I needed for my interviews. The same was true for getting my children into school or making sure my family could get to their doctors’ appointments. Marriott understands the personal commitments we have, and they work to support us through those commitments.

How has Marriott supported your family?

They gave an opportunity to my wife to work for the company as well and have been flexible with schedules to accommodate my personal commitments.

How has Marriott helped you feel like you belong?

They have made sure to include me in activities that allow me to build relationships with my co-workers. They have listened to my ideas and perspectives.

How has Marriott supported your growth?

Marriott has given me opportunities to participate in training classes and career development, like becoming a certified trainer. They have trusted me to do my job well.

a Marriott HR generalist story

Courtesy of Moshfiq M.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Meeting new people and welcoming them to the team. I like making sure that they understand the culture of the company.

Favorite part of working at Marriott?

I love being part of a global organization that welcomes people from all cultures. We have fun at work while still getting our jobs done.

What advice would you give someone with a similar background to you, who is looking to make a change in their life or career?

Don’t be afraid to consider hospitality as a career choice. There are so many different jobs here and you can start in almost any area even if you don’t have experience. If you have a welcoming or generous personality, you will be a great fit for this industry.

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