a marriott demi chef career story - wendy
Courtesy of Wendy G.

Name: Wendy G.
Position: Demi Chef
Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Lima Miraflores

Meet Wendy, a proud mother and culinary expert at Courtyard by Marriott Lima Miraflores who has transformed her love of cooking into a flourishing career.

Wendy’s own culinary journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. Even as a young girl growing up in Peru, Wendy found herself immersed in the vibrant world of cooking — at just eight years old, she was eager to help her grandmother’s restaurant in Trujillo.

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It was in that family restaurant that her love for the culinary world began, igniting a flame that would guide her through the corridors of various kitchens, gradually moving up the ranks, and ultimately led her to take the position of Demi Chef at Courtyard by Marriott Lima Miraflores, which she holds today.

As she reflects on her remarkable trajectory, Wendy’s story emerges as a captivating narrative of resilience, growth, and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Tell us about your journey at Marriott.

My journey at Marriott has been very empowering. I started at JW Marriott Lima as a trainee. Then, I had the fantastic opportunity to join the culinary team at Courtyard by Lima Miraflores, where I grew professionally and kept learning every day.

a marriott demi chef career story - wendy

Courtesy of Wendy G.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

The proudest moment of my career so far was during the pandemic in 2021 when I was promoted to Demi Chef. This promotion, amidst a challenging period, marked a significant milestone in my professional journey, reflecting my growth and resilience in the industry.

Describe a moment you felt supported at Marriott.

In 2017, I learned I was going to be a mother of twins at the age of 24, during an important time in my career. My coworkers’ support was so important to me. They were like family, organizing my baby shower, giving gifts, and even hosting a contest to suggest names for my twins. They were a vital part of that process, and always encouraged me when I was nervous about motherhood.

How do you incorporate creativity into your daily work routine?

I believe in putting love into every dish, ensuring guests have the best experience. Whether it’s making pancakes or innovating with picarones, I aim to make each meal memorable. One of my proudest moments was receiving praise for my picarones, which led to launching ‘Picarones Wendy.’ It was a blend of creativity and culinary skills, and the support from my chefs and guests was the push I needed to start this venture.

a marriott demi chef career story - wendy

Courtesy of Wendy G.

As a woman in the culinary world, what message would you like to share with other women?

I would tell them not to give up; if they ever feel lost, remember that your hard work and abilities have led you to your accomplishments, not luck or chance. Always remember all the positive things you have achieved. I see a future where more women lead kitchens creatively. I dream of leading an all-female kitchen, showing the world our culinary strengths.

Tell us about Diversity Ambassadors.

I decided to join as a Diversity Ambassador because I strongly believe in the importance of driving change. My goal is to influence my team by enriching it with knowledge and learning about how to make our workplace a more inclusive environment.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The greatest joy in my job is seeing guests’ smiles and their appreciation for the unique experiences I provide. It’s special to turn someone’s bad day around. Once, a Colombian woman told me, “You are so incredible!” in a way that left me feeling empowered. Such positive feedback is motivating. I always strive to infuse my passion into every aspect of my work.

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