marriott HR director Emilie career story
Courtesy of Emilie M.

Name: Emilie M.
Position: HR Director
Hotel: The Westin Bora Bora
Dream Destination: I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Maldives, Cuba, and Thailand!
Treat of choice: Coffee and chocolate, of course! It saves days and always cheers me up!

Reading her resume, one can say that Emilie is an expert in beginnings. In the 10 years since she got her first hospitality job as an HR assistant at the Méridien Etoile Hotel in Paris, not only has she lived, worked, and started over in many different properties and cities all over France and the French Polynesia, she’s also put her HR expertise to the test building teams in six new hotels ahead of their openings.

Today, as HR Director at The Westin Bora Bora, Emilie is in the process of building an entirely new team of “happy, involved, and productive employees,” she says. That means over 330 positions to fill at this newly renovated paradisiacal hotel located at the base of Mount Otemanu, which is set to open its doors in July 2024.

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“It is a very stimulating and rewarding position. I can’t wait to see the success of our new hotel in Bora Bora!”

Learn more about Emilie’s HR journey in her own words below.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

When I was hired to open the first Westin in Polynesia as HR Director! I am proud of my career within the company, which has allowed me to evolve and participate in the opening of six hotels. I have been fortunate to work with incredible teams and to contribute to the development of the corporate culture within each one of them. It has been a real honor to be a part of the growth and success of these hotels and I am grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me.

marriott HR director Emilie career story

Courtesy of Emilie M.

What does it take to have a successful career in HR?

To succeed in this position, you will need to have a good knowledge of employment legislation and to be the guarantor to management and managers. It also requires good communication, conflict management, and problem-solving skills.

What are your best tips for candidates who have an upcoming job interview?

Interviews at Marriott consist of a minimum of three interviews and an assessment. I advise them to know the company well, the brand, the hotel for which you are applying. It is very important to know everything to show your motivation. In addition, pay attention to your image during the interview, take your resume and get early to the appointment. When it comes to the qualities required, it’s important to be flexible, proactive, and have a good sense of customer service. It is also necessary to be adaptable, to work in a team and to demonstrate leadership. Finally, be ready to share concrete examples of situations where you have demonstrated these qualities. In summary, be professional, prepared, and motivated during your interview at Marriott.

How would you describe your Marriott experience?

I am proud to work in this company that makes me grow and train every day. The work atmosphere is warm, and the team is very close-knit, which makes the experience even more rewarding. I am constantly encouraged to take initiative and to develop my professional skills. All in all, my experience as a Marriott associate has been extremely positive and I am grateful to be a part of this company.

marriott HR director Emilie career story

Courtesy of Emilie M.

As someone who helps train teams of new associates who are not familiar with Marriott values, which are the ones that resonate most with you?

The Marriott values that are most important to me are being able to develop teams both personally and professionally. We are fortunate to train teams who at first did not know the jobs. Second, diversity and inclusion are core values for me. Marriott focuses on promoting diversity and equal opportunities, which is especially close to my heart. Finally, the commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is another important value for me. Marriott strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and social responsibility, which is in line with my own personal values.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

It is a strong culture that is based on strong values such as integrity, service, innovation, and diversity. It encourages collaboration, engagement, and social responsibility, while focusing on customer experience and operational excellence. It’s a culture that promotes personal and professional development, where every employee is encouraged to reach their full potential.

When have you felt like part of a community at Marriott?

I feel it every day. We make an effort every day to value this with moments of sharing in the morning briefing. We also foster this by holding elections of the best employees, birthdays, Healthy Weeks, staff parties… We also organize events for our customers, such as special evenings, wine tasting sessions or cooking workshops. All of this contributes to creating a sense of community within the hotel and strengthening the bonds between guests and staff. It is really rewarding to be part of such a committed and warm community.

marriott HR director Emilie career story

Courtesy of Emilie M.

What is a good day at work for you?

When I can make a significant contribution to the business and help get things done. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. At the end of the day, I am happy to go home knowing that I did my best and that I was useful.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I use it very regularly with my family, friends or myself. I love discovering new destinations and hotels! I have been lucky enough to visit a lot of places thanks to these discounts, and each experience has been memorable. I am grateful to Marriott for this opportunity to experience the world in exceptional comfort.

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