A T.V. showcasing a collection of inspiration.

As an industry leader, Marriott Hotels is constantly introducing innovations to enhance guest experiences around the globe. Kicking off the new year the flagship brand is teaming up with Fast Company, one of the world’s leading business media brands, to introduce the “Inspiration Collective”, a first-of-its-kind interactive display and experiential showcase for cutting-edge products, experiences and services that inspire the world’s most innovative minds. The Inspiration Collective presents guests with the opportunity to explore dozens of top products both through a digital touchscreen and physical experiences.

“We believe that travel expands the mind and stimulates new ways of thinking. Our guests value originality and crave new experiences so Marriott Hotels is constantly evolving to provide new aesthetically inspiring spaces and innovative ideas,“ said Mara Hannula, VP Brand Marketing for Marriott Hotels. “There is no better partner than Fast Company to bring cutting edge inspiration to life on property. Technology and new gadgets change and shape how we live and travel every day, and the Inspiration Collective allows us to introduce and test them alongside our guests.”

From healthy vending machine to the room service virtual reality goggles to the first “Live Beta” hotel, Marriott Hotels has been testing and trying the newest technology available with the understanding that the fastest way to innovate is to test and learn alongside our guests. The Inspiration Collective is another example of bringing innovation within reach for Marriott Hotels. For more information on the Inspiration Collective please visit https://marriott.fastcompany.com/.

To read the full article, visit http://news.marriott.com/2018/01/marriott-hotels-fast-companys-inspiration-collective-puts-innovation-within-reach/.