marriott cec story - jerry
Courtesy of Jerry T.

Name: Jerry T.
Position: Loyalty Care Flex
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Dream destination: Orlando, Florida to visit Universal Studios, Disney World and Sea World
Drink or treat of choice: A German drink called Spezi, cola mixed with lemon or orange

There are more than 160 million members of the Marriott Bonvoy travel program (at least, as of 2022). And if you’re one those Bonvoy members who has reached out to customer service — whether it be for help making a reservation, updating your account or just general questions about Bonvoy – chances are, you got to chat with Jerry.

Jerry, a Salt Lake City-based associate who has an expertise in all things Bonvoy, is a part of our Customer Engagement Centers (CECs). The CECs provide expert assistance and support to Marriott customers around the world.

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People who work at the CECs have a passion for helping others as well as a deep knowledge of and expertise in the Marriott customer experience, from tip to tail.

“I’m satisfied when I know that I had a part in planning a customer’s dream vacation, that I helped a business traveler find a hotel at the last minute when their flight was cancelled, or that I can congratulate a member when they reach the next tier in our loyalty program, which opens new benefits for them,” says Jerry, who is a Loyalty Care Flex associate, meaning he spends his days assisting Bonvoy members and on-the-ground Marriott hotel staff (in the event of any guest reservation issue) via both email and phone. “I am building the Marriott brand with every interaction.”

marriott cec story - jerry

Courtesy of Jerry T.

While Marriott has CECs on every continent, some of those jobs can be done from the comfort of an associate’s own home — as is the case with Jerry, who commuted to the Utah-based CEC prior to Covid, but now is one of the many Marriott associates who work remotely.

“I start my shift helping our customers while I have my coffee,” says Jerry. “When I end my shift, I can relax, do a hobby, watch a DVD or read a book. Working from home gives me an extra hour after work that I did not have as commuter.”

Jerry has built his career in customer care, having worked in similar fields at different companies prior to joining Marriott in 2017.

“I was ready for a career change and applied for Marriott. I did my research and found Marriott culture and philosophy to be a fit with what I was looking for,” says Jerry. “Even through the difficulties with Covid-19, Marriott continued to help me and all the staff through a difficult time with travel. Marriott made sure that the decisions helped to keep the company strong and competitive with the changing market. As travel returned to normal, I was offered different career opportunities to help our customers. I chose Loyalty Care Flex because of the variety of ways I can help our customers and Bonvoy Loyalty Members. I am now a home agent with strong support to be able to do my job at peak performance.”

Learn more about Jerry’s own Marriott CEC career experience, in his own words, below.

What was your Marriott interview process like, and how did you prepare?

Before I was interviewed, I made sure I presented myself as prepared and knowledgeable about Marriott. I shared my employment history through my resume so Marriott would know me better as a future employee. When I was interviewed it was professional and the expectations of Marriott were clearly made known to me. I was hired after the interview.

marriott cec story - jerry

Courtesy of Jerry T.

When have you felt like a part of a community at Marriott?

After training, I was struggling with adjusting to my new role and responsibilities. My supervisor, Jay, made some time to talk to me. She assured me I was adjusting well and meeting goals. She told me not to stress too much about the task or the computer system because it will come with time. She put me at ease, and it made me feel a part of the community.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Supportive. Marriott knows there is life and there is work. The company supports their staff to find a balance with them so that we are productive and efficient in our life and at work. You want to go to college? Marriott will help you with your schedule to go to classes. Have a baby on the way? Marriott will help you have the time you need to have the baby and adjust to your new role as a parent. Marriott is there to support you every step of the way.

marriott cec story - jerry

Courtesy of Jerry T.

What is a typical day for you as a remote Marriott associate?

I wake up, have my breakfast and coffee and relax before my shift. I could not do this before as a commuter to the Center, when travel to the office was by bicycle to the TRAX train. Then I had to make several transfers before I got to the Center by bicycle from the train station. I had to plan an hour for my travels in all kinds of weather. Now I just start my shift helping our customers while I have my coffee. Through the day my kitchen is close by where I can choose my snack or lunch as needed. during my shift. The Empower system is connected and ready to do my job. I can look out my windows or go outside to take in fresh air. When I end my shift, I can relax, do my hobby, watch a DVD or read a book. Working from home gives me an extra hour after work I did not have as commuter.

When have you felt supported at Marriott?

I felt supported at Marriott during Covid-19. Travel had changed, our customers were in lock down, and uncertainty about employment was a concern. Marriott kept us in the know about the tough decisions that had to be made. We were assured of our value to Marriott in helping our customers through this crisis. In turn, Marriott supported me by adjusting my hours to keep me working until travel picked up again.

marriott cec story - jerry

Courtesy of Jerry T.

Favorite part of working at Marriott?

My favorite part of working at Marriott is when we get together at the Center for the holidays or special events. We can interact with one another, have games or information booths, and we are served a wonderful lunch.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I traveled from Salt Lake City to White Colony, Texas to visit my mom and my middle brother. The halfway point was Albuquerque, New Mexico. I stayed at the Marriott Albuquerque. The Explore Rate helped me save money going to and from Texas. The hotel was right off the freeway and very convenient.

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