Andrea G HR Marriott Journey
Courtesy of Andrea G.

Name: Andrea G.
Position: Area Director of Human Resources for Central and South America
Dream destination: Thailand
Drink or treat of choice: I like to try different dishes when travelling, but what I like most is the Peruvian food and drinks. I am a big fan of Lomo Saltado and of course a good Pisco Sour.

When Andrea was first hired as a trainee in the Food & Beverage department at the JW Marriott Lima, she could never have imagined how far-reaching she would take her Marriott career.

Seventeen years after that first day, Andrea ends her emails with an “Area Director of Human Resources for Central and South America” signature and oversees HR operations for 51 hotels in more than 14 countries.

How did she get to where she is today? Following that very first F&B trainee role, Andrea transferred to the front desk and then moved over to Human Resources, where she methodically worked her way through a number of positions — Assistant, Training Manager, HR Manager, HR Director, and Market HR Director — until she became the Area Director for the Central and South America region.

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“Each [position] has taught me invaluable lessons and presented unique opportunities for personal and professional growth,” Andrea says. “From the very beginning, I felt a deep connection with the company’s core values, particularly its unwavering commitment to putting people first. It was only a short time before I realized that Marriott felt like a family and a place to build a fulfilling career. ”

Andrea G HR Marriott Journey

Courtesy of Andrea G.

Looking back on almost 20 years in the company, Andrea sees her Marriott experience as one filled with a sense of belonging, growth and purpose from the get-go, in part thanks to the leaders and learning opportunities she’s had along the way. “I see Marriott as a family, connected and inspired by our core values. My career has had a sense of purpose, having the opportunity to develop in my professional journey but the most important with a personal fulfillment.”

Learn more about Andrea’s journey of personal and professional growth in her own words below.

How would you describe your experience as a Marriott associate?

My experience at Marriott is defined by a strong sense of belonging, growth, and purpose. From the start, I was immersed in initiatives and training that supported my career advancement, supported by a family-like connection.

How would you describe Marriott’s culture?

Marriott’s culture is so strong in its values and a sense of family. It is a culture where every associate is valued, empowered, and encouraged to bring their unique perspectives to the table. A culture that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and embraces change as an opportunity for growth. With this familial foundation since the very beginning, Marriott has cultivated a sense of belonging that inspires associates to go beyond. I think it is a perfect circle if associates are well treated, respected, they will do the same for our guests and they will come back to our hotels.

Andrea G HR Marriott Journey

Courtesy of Andrea G.

Which of Marriott’s values resonate most with you?

Put people first. Even in the most difficult times, throughout my career I have seen many situations in which the associates were number one when taking any type of decision. This value is what differentiates us from other companies, and it is evident in various aspects of Marriott’s practices, including providing training and development opportunities for associates, fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, and actively engaging in the community.

When have you felt like a part of a community at Marriott?

I felt deeply connected to the community during Marriott’s annual partnership with NGO “TECHO”, where employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to help build homes for those in need. During four consecutive years, I joined the team of volunteers with the mission of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others with a new house for them to live in. As we hammered nails, painted walls, and raised roofs, I witnessed the transformative power of teamwork and collaboration. It was incredible to see how our effort would provide families with safe and stable housing. I felt a sense of belonging and purpose, knowing that Marriott was making a difference in our communities and our country.

Favorite part of working at Marriott?

One of my favorite parts of working at Marriott is the focus on the Take Care initiatives because they promote a healthy work-life balance while fostering a sense of belonging and community among associates.

Andrea G HR Marriott Journey

Courtesy of Andrea G.

During the time I worked at the JW Marriott Hotel Lima, we created a running club with associates from different areas to promote physical health. But the most important part was how we were able to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork among associates. It gave me a chance to connect outside the workplace and build meaningful relationships, and I learned more from associates and their interests. While we were running, we were talking about our families, dreams, challenges, etc. We started with three kilometers and at the end we were running ten kilometers and talking about so many things that made me create a very strong relationship with different associates.

Describe a moment you felt supported at Marriott.

Last year, when transitioning to maternity leave and a new role, I felt supported and grateful for the chance to embrace this new role while prioritizing my family. During this time, my leader and my coworkers handled my responsibilities and I felt I had the time to enjoy my family. I was excited to return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm, eager to continue contributing and learning in the role.

Andrea G HR Marriott Journey

Courtesy of Andrea G.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Participating in the Awards of Excellence ceremony when the JW Marriott Lima won in the category of Diversity and Inclusion. I remember when I was still a trainee at this hotel, watching videos of that ceremony and having this dream of someday being there at the event. At the ceremony I really felt the magic of our culture and core values. I was very proud of what we have done to achieve this important recognition.

Andrea G HR Marriott Journey

Courtesy of Andrea G.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Marriott?

Be prepared to demonstrate your passion for hospitality and enter a world of opportunities. Marriott is a company where you can grow through different roles and multiple ways with many opportunities worldwide. With dedication, perseverance and a proactive approach you can begin a journey, be courageous! Never stop learning and improving your skills to become the best hospitality professional you can be. Working at Marriott is not just a job, it’s a fulfilling career where you can make a real difference in people’s lives.

How have you used the Marriott Explore Rate?

I love this benefit. My favorite trip was my honeymoon trip to Europe, where I was able to stay in very nice properties enjoying this discount. My family is also a big fan of the Explore Rate, especially my parents that have been able to travel to many destinations and feel so proud of being also part of the Marriott family.

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